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Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB for $119 starting November 15th

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB for $119 starting November 15th

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35 Yorumları

  1. These are ST8000DM004, SMR. I purchased 4 of these last year.

  2. Sucks that it’s at Costco but maybe other retailers will be running a similar deal

  3. Bah I just got one of these on sale for $149.99 at my local costco.

  4. IMO if your a true data hoarder amd you want the drive to be usable 5 to 7 years later stick with Western Digital or HGST drive.

  5. Would you guys recommend for a Plex server? (Would be shucking) I have one 8TB drive I’m using now and it’s about 3/4th full. This would be going into my Windows Server PC. I am in no rush to upgrade but knew back Friday is a good time to find a deal.

  6. If I wanted a drive to just store video and music files this would be fine yeah? Also can you order online? No Costco’s near me unfortunately.

  7. What a crap advertisement. In Australia that product would have to be sold for $50 due to the misleading sizing.

  8. Warning:These drives contain Seagate Barracuda drives, which are SMR drives, and in my personal, subjective and fairly qualified opinion, the cheapest crap available in the market for harddrives.

  9. Being self powered and having a built-in powered USB3 hub, I thought this (the 4GB version) would be a perfect drive to make a Raspberry Pi 4 into an always-on mini NAS. It is not. Writes are crazy slow and it disconnects randomly, probably due to its power saving modes. I wasted quite some time trying different tweaks/quirks, etc.

    Works great on my mac though.

  10. It’s a great price but…it’s Seagate. I learned my lesson 10+ years ago when having to restore drives more than normal due to them suddenly not working correctly or at all. At first I thought it was 1 or 2 bad drives. When it started to happen to over half of them, I assumed it was temperature changes and controlled the climate more. But that wasn’t it, and one by one they started to collapse. A few just from excessive writes.

    None of my WD drives had these issues, nor did any of the SSD drives I got later from Sandisk, PNY, and Kingston. I decided from that time on, I would only use WD for magnetic media that had to last, and SSDs for mirroring and daily use. The only time I ever used Seagate after that is if I had a cheap media server where everything on it was expendable and already had 2 copies elsewhere already. I just don’t trust Seagate since 2010. Others like LaCie might be ok, but Seagate? Regardless the price, no thanks.

  11. that enclosure brings a sata desktop disk model ST8000DM (SMR).

    not bad for the money

  12. Does anyone know if these are SMR like the other Seagate externals are?

  13. unraid forum guys did tests with SMR drives way back. good read if you want to know how it behaves and yes its best to use them as WORM drives and they play fine with unraid with cache in front of the array

    definitely do not use in striped setups or you’ll be rebuilding for months.


  14. I recall buying two of this exact same drive in 2017 – so four years ago. It was $180 each I believe. The write performance is not great but reads are fast. Good enough for my Plex server.

    Note: One drive “failed” after I accidentally knocked it while it was spinning up. When I shucked the enclosure and used the drive bare it was all good. So it must have been one of the DCDC converters inside that failed.

  15. I might have to pick a couple more up. I have a NAS with 8tb drives in it that could use 2 or 3 more

  16. I’m waiting for BF deals. I’m leaving Backblaze soon so I need a couple of offsite backup options.

  17. For those who are shitting on this product, its an smr and will do its job. If you have them in the external cover they do make a lot of noise and get easily warm because of no fans on the inside of it. Depending on where you live this is a good price for a lot of people, and i would definitly buy them for shucking and putting it on my pc. If you need to have the drives in a nas i would choose cmr because its faster and less writes/reads than needed to.

  18. I wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10 foot Pole

  19. Anyone able to confirm if they are cmr or smr?

    Looks like they are indeed smr oh well.

  20. I hate to say it but once 8TB drives seemed massive to me but now I’m just waiting on my 8TB drives to die so I can swap them out with 16TBs. (Not that I want them to all die too soon)

  21. #Costco#

    $119.99 is $15/TB. Sale is 11/15-11/29 in store and online, limit 3.