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  1. I see the max temp the drive encountered is 60C and is most likely the cause for the errors. The heads in a drive can start to deform at 58C. This is why most manufacturers will not accept RMA replacement after the drive hits 55C.

    Drives in unventilated enclosures are not meant to be run 24/7. You really need to look into an enclosure with fans for your use case.

    For CMR vs SMR look at it like this, if you are needing one large drive go for SMR, but if you are wanting to do some sort of RAID or JBOD setup then go CMR.

  2. A week ago my 7 YO Seagate 2 TB Backup Plus Desktop drive I had used for my Channel Master DVR+ was disconnecting itself and I ordered the first 2TB WD Red Plus drive from Amazon for ~ 60 bucks  – ASIN B08VH891FS.  I paired it with a SATA to USB 3 powered adapter cable that was needed for operation – ASIN B07PVX682Q which works very well and now my DVR is up and running fine. A few days later I checked the same model drive that my desktop used for weekly system image backups and it reported 680 reallocated sectors with a current pending sector count and uncorrectable sector count of 176.  I chose the WD Red Plus series drives for both applications since this model uses the CMR – Conventional Magnetic Recording Technology which has worked very well for MANY years.  I specifically avoided any drive that uses the SMR – Shingled Magnetic Recording Technology as it requires extra drive “overhead” in its operation. (Look it up)….  The Red Plus series has a published 1,000,000 hours MTBF and I figured it will probably outlast me.  The DVR application uses the drive 24/7 with the “Inactivity Standby” set to OFF as the 2 hour video buffer,(temp disk storage), may catch an early morning show on the last channel I set it to.  With the desktop computer application the drive would sleep if not accessed every so often and by having the WD “Dashboard” program start with Windows, (Win 10 Pro), the dashboard polls the drive every few seconds to update drive parameters and as a result the drive stays awake – (The computer power options do not affect any external USB drives)….  Not a perfect solution to keep the drive awake, but, it works.  I had a quick thought about mounting the new drives in the old Seagate cases,but, after seeing how there was NO appreciable ventilation, I said the hell with it and instead made some nice brackets with a slight offset to provide screw head clearance and the pictures show the results – with 3M Bumpon feet.  I placed a small piece of tape on the USB adapter top to make sure the connector did not come loose which is not pretty,but, the connector will not come off. Two things – Stay away from SMR drives and don’t necessarily buy an external drive in those damn tight fitting, HOT – unventilated cases….  Buy the drive and adapter cable and have a much longer drive life….