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Flood göndermek, insanların floodlarını okumak ve diğer insanlarla bağlantı kurmak için sosyal Floodlar ve Flood Yanıtları Motorumuza giriş yapın.

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21 Yorumları

  1. They were just storing it in one google cloud account well over their 15 GB quota.

  2. What you guys use to sync your photos to cloud on your phone?

  3. glad I never made an account despite an impossible to remove persistent notification…

  4. My Samsung S6 got water damaged. I then had a Samsung Tablet S5E all but voice recordings was not restored.

    I asked for help, but the help I got was very low level.

    Any tips for that? I need my voice recordings, I recorded a few stories my grandmother made.

  5. Jesus, man. These “tiny” fly-by-night companies like **Samsung** shutting down cloud service and **Google** starting to charge for photo storage in a few months … it’s **almost** like cloud storage is super unreliable!

  6. somebody give me a really long later to get my cloud down!

  7. How do I get my data if I have no Samsung phone anymore?

    The web thing won’t let me access gallery, and I cannot get a push notification…

  8. If you care about your data you should self-host a Nextcloud instance.

  9. I already made the move to OneDrive and GDrive a few months ago, so I’m not too worried about this. Does anyone know if Link Sharing is still going to work?

  10. A push for one drive ? Seeing Samsung and Microsoft collabs.

  11. 2020 is turning into the apocalypse of consumer cloud services.. Just Facebook and Instagram to go. By the end of 2021, all we’ll have left is PornHub, which as we know is eternal!

  12. Just Bixby, Samsung Pay, and their apps left.

    I tried using Bixby when I first got my Note 9. The limitations and constant screw-ups of Bixby had me rushing to find a way to “kill” the Bixby button, or bind it to something actually useful.

    In addition, Samsung Pay here in Canada has only been truly useful for anyone that uses the big banks and their credit cards. My credit union MC didn’t work with it, and even when I switched to the big red bank, my debit Visa never worked. Which is a shame, because my phone has the ability to do tap-to-pay with businesses that DON’T have Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung pay.

    So no, I’m not buying a Samsung next time. Even if it means having some restrictions, I’ve had way better experiences with Apple’s devices than my Samsung ones. I might get a different Android phone, though.

  13. Sounds great. Does this mean they will have fewer bloatware on their smartphone?