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Read problems when backing up DVD:s

Hi all, this seems like a sub where this problem might belong. Anyway, I’m trying to back up a bunch of old tv-series from DVD to put on my NAS. Most everything is working perfectly fine but there are a couple of instances where the external dvd reader/writer I’m using isn’t reading all contents of the disc. Like MakeMKV registers some episodes at 33mins where they should be closer to 45. HandBrake makes the copies the same length as expected but filled with long massively pixelated sections of video, so pretty much unusable. All the DVD:s I’m having problems with doesn’t appear scratched or damaged in any way and are working just fine when playing them on a “normal” dvd-player connected to a tv. I don’t think it’s related to copy protections since 3 out of 4 episodes on a disc might turn out fine, and 6 out of 7 discs for a season might be fine, but who knows.

Any ideas as to what might be the issue, or possible ways to get around it? Any particular external dvd I should be using? (The one I’m using is a cheap “Hitachi/LG Slim Portable DVD Writer”, but brand new so laser should be fine, I hope…)

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  1. Lsdvd <dev> to authenticate disk to drive (with libdvdcss installed)

    Ddrescue to make a bit for bit (css encrypted) copy of the disk (and retry smartly for areas difficult to read).

    If ddrescue has problems, can remove the disk and try to clean it in-between runs. If one still can’t get a complete read, can try to get another possibly damaged copy from elsewhere (library for instance) to fill in the blanks.

    Vlc can play this encrypted iso as is (most software can’t) as it will use libdvdcss to brute force the css on demand. If you want a decrypted iso, can mount it in windows and use old school DVD decrypted to output a decrypted iso (iso output mode). Want to configure it to only brute force.

    In all the cases, the negative of going this route is really small VOBs can’t be brute force decrypted (the brute force algorithm needs enough data), but in general the really small ones don’t actually contain anything of any use anyways.

  2. The first thing I would try is to wipe the problematic DVD with a microfiber cloth. Even if you don’t see any scratches, fingerprints or smudges can cause issues.

    Also try ripping the title in question with no audio/ audio only. One of the tracks in the title might have an issue but others might not.

    Next using the same drive/computer you are trying to rip the DVDs on, trying playing the disc back with a software DVD player, do you still have issues?

    Also you can try ripping the whole DVD as an ISO and then using MakeMKV/Handbrake on the ISO instead of the DVD directly.

    “Normal” dvd-player can be more forgiving with issues on disks and it will ignore subtle mistakes that rippers tend to have catastrophe trouble with.

  3. Sorry I don’t have a legit tech answer, but have you debated Torrenting them? You’re not stealing, you are making a digital backup.