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[Question] GSmartControl shows Number of Mechanical Start Failures and Number of Reallocated Logical Sectors..


I recently made a new PC myself, GigaByte B560M (?) + i5-11500 + Micronics Classic II 600w.

The drives on the system are “ST4000LM016-1N2170” which is a Seagate 4T extracted from an external drive, few bad sectors but I’m just using it for temporary non-important files storage.

An Samsung HD502HJ which is basically 10 years old with 1 bad sector and works fine so same purpose as the first one.

However, those were the drives I also used in my previous system, I bought two “Toshiba HDWD120” 2TB drives for this new PC. I’m using one of them as an OS drive. (Btw I use debian 11 bullseye gnulinux)

Recently while I was looking at GSmartControl I noticed these strange things.



This is one of the drive.

As I said previousely there are two same drives. However, on GSmartControl, one shows like the screenshot, and one shows the number of reported uncorrectable errors as 0.

I thought these may be issues of GSmartControl? So I looked at CrystalDiskInfo and they show fine.



Sorry for the language being in korean, but for both drives, when looking at it with CDI there shows nothing wrong.

I checked this using a Windows PE.

Now then I installed the GSmartControl for Windows on that Windows PE.. and the errors shows the exact same as what I saw on Debian.

And now I also noticed while looking at GSC, the Attributes tab seems to show S.M.A.R.T. informations. Then what’s the Statistics tab showing? The tab shows nothing for my older drives.


My drive shows the bad things on GSmartControl’s statistics tab. Is this wrong?

The attributes tab seems to be SMART information. Then what’s the statistics tab?



Sorry for bad english and writing, I’ll try to add more info as possible if requested…

Thanks. 😀

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  1. Drives have SMART attributes and can additionally have various statistics fields, all of which smartmontools is happy to retrieve if asked. (GSmartControl, as the name suggests, is purely a wrapper around things that smartctl can do with drives, as far as I know.)

    An excerpt from smartctl -x on one of my drives, since I’m too lazy to look up the specific flag just for it:

    Device Statistics (GP Log 0x04)
    Page Offset Size Value Flags Description
    0x01 ===== = = === == General Statistics (rev 1) ==
    0x01 0x008 4 6 — Lifetime Power-On Resets
    0x01 0x010 4 420 — Power-on Hours
    0x01 0x018 6 13944954539 — Logical Sectors Written
    0x01 0x020 6 31100295 — Number of Write Commands
    0x01 0x028 6 6441270244 — Logical Sectors Read
    0x01 0x030 6 17627701 — Number of Read Commands
    0x01 0x038 6 1513034550 — Date and Time TimeStamp
    0x03 ===== = = === == Rotating Media Statistics (rev 1) ==
    0x03 0x008 4 410 — Spindle Motor Power-on Hours
    0x03 0x010 4 410 — Head Flying Hours
    0x03 0x018 4 22 — Head Load Events
    0x03 0x020 4 0 — Number of Reallocated Logical Sectors
    0x03 0x028 4 0 — Read Recovery Attempts
    0x03 0x030 4 0 — Number of Mechanical Start Failures
    0x04 ===== = = === == General Errors Statistics (rev 1) ==
    0x04 0x008 4 0 — Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors
    0x04 0x010 4 0 — Resets Between Cmd Acceptance and Completion
    0x05 ===== = = === == Temperature Statistics (rev 1) ==

    As far as why your drive isn’t obviously reflecting some of these in the SMART Attributes – they don’t always mean what you think they might, sometimes vendors do “clever” things with the “raw” values for SMART Attributes, for example.