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PSA: Many old files on MediaFire will be deleted in less than a month. Backup what you can, and remember that cloud storage is always temporary.

PSA: Many old files on MediaFire will be deleted in less than a month. Backup what you can, and remember that cloud storage is always temporary.

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  1. no way…. i think this is why i can’t find a few codes and videos i had saved… nice… if this is the case i think it’s a goodbye…

  2. What a fucking nightmare. So much HQ original audio, unique tools, unique video game mods like game skins, and so much more are going to be lost. Even with archival there’s going to be lots lost.

  3. This is sad, files need to be kept locally and on the cloud.

  4. Also, the MediaFire iOS app seems to be removed from the App Store.

  5. Holy shit thanks for letting me know I have a bunch of old files there

  6. Wow Mediafire was my go to file hosting years ago 🙁 ….. I guess welcome to the Rapidshare and Megaupload club The Link Graveyard….

  7. Daaam. All the Minecraft stuff. Someone needs to scrape planetminecraft etc.

  8. I had an account since 2012 but I haven’t used it in a year or so. Just logged in to check and it’s empty. I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave it empty so I deleted my account.

    It’s always expected though. Data in the cloud or hosters is not really your data.

  9. Shit. Hopefully sites that I use have alternative links on Mega or GD. There’s gotta be a lot of stuff going down, especially old fan-made stuff like RPG Maker games and so on.

  10. Looks like 2020 is not only the year of the rat but also the year of purging

  11. Over at the-archive, we’ve been grabbing a lot of game mods from various game sites, a bunch of these have been using mediafire for many years, Planet Minecraft primary used Mediafire for almost a decade.

    We’re still grabbing things from various sites although we need help. If you have the bandwidth to spare or are a programmer, please get into contact with me for an invitation to our Discord to continue working on grabbing these Mediafire links before they are gone forever. There is some pretty low hanging fruit, don’t be afraid to ask to join.

  12. I have very fond memories of downloading Minecraft mods, texture packs, maps and shit from MediaFire. Those were the days

  13. Looks like its time to download a fuck ton of old minecraft mods

  14. MediaFire was always the “good one” compared to RapidShare and MegaUpload. It just gave you the download link with no nonsense compared to those two.

  15. I can’t remember the last time I’ve used Mediafire. I’m slowly archiving files from another filehosting service. Never heard of them, even paid for premium for a month, a week ago. I need to file a Paypal dispute. My account is still free. I knew before I did it, I was wasting ten bucks.

  16. I hope there would be a p2p movement that would archive the internet’s files inside people’s NAS and it would live even without seeders. Just a shared list that if someone searches for it a service would alert the NAS owner that it is inside his server and he has the choice to share it temporarily.

  17. Damn, some MUGEN characters and stages might be permanently lost, those fuckers can be hard to find.

  18. All storage is temporary. The kind you pay to maintain just tends to last longer.

  19. Anyone have a script to download everything from my account? I have a ton of stuff 🙁

  20. Just another reason why I don’t use cloud backups like Backblaze (with abysmal backup times due to upload speeds vs 300TB being the other). A good price, but for me impractical. “Free” is pretty pointless as the tweet demonstrates. At least they simply didn’t delete everything and go out of business with no forewarning, that happens too. If you see something you really want to keep download and keep it yourself on Mdiscs, tape and HDD, Megaupload taught me that years ago.

  21. Wow I just looked at their Wikipedia article and the owner lives about 3 miles from my house. What a small world

  22. Been getting emails every 2 **years** from mediafire about my account from 2008..
    >”NOTICE OF POSSIBLE ACCOUNT DELETION – It looks like your account may have been abandoned. You haven’t logged in for quite some time. Your account has been inactive for an extended period of time and will be deleted in 2 weeks if you do not log in before then.”

    Just logging in once every 2 years is keeping the account in an active state so what does this policy change? Seems like nonthing new to me.

  23. Cloud is just somebody else’s computer. Been that way since the 1970s

    I always shake my head when I read about “the cloud” as if it’s something new.

  24. time to start downloading all the obscure minecraft resource packs and stuff god i hate this timeline

  25. Ugh. It’s gonna be like MegaUpload all over again.

  26. Ouch. That reminds me I need to download the rest of what I want from an old blog that’s hosting a lot of 1980s J-pop/City Pop albums on MediaFire. They’re probably the only ripped copies in existence…

  27. It already removed all of my file from 2 account. Remained only the empty folder. So there’s that. The thing is, i don’t even know of there was any important file i uploaded.

  28. Just tried and it’s a bit fiddly, but can confirm that Wayback Machine does save Mediafire links, alongside the actual download itself, I’ve done it with a few links I had bookmarked so if you have any of those, or just know any weird content only available through that, then it might be worth a shot to save it if you can, assuming it’s not in a folder.

  29. I know israbox used to link to mediafire a lot. Is there a similar good resource like It’s used to be?

  30. Does anybody use MediaFire for anything except hosting pirated content? It should be assumed that any pirated file could be deleted from a file host at any point.

  31. This is gonna break a lot of tutorials for older pieces of software and games.

  32. Mediafire was my jam back in the day. Got so much music from there.

  33. Most file hosts do this from time to time. But this typically only applies to files stored for free. If you have an active paid account, your files should be safe unless you are over the storage limit.

  34. (Note: I’m not Jason Scott, his twitter post is just probably the most succinct summary of the situation.) According to the update date of MediaFire’s [Data retention policy](https://www.mediafire.com/policies/data_retention.php), there’s roughly a month minus a week to download and backup any files you care about. I’d recommend attempting to archive any MediaFire links by entering them into the Wayback Machine, with the option to save outlinks enabled (as this will ensure that the Wayback Machine actually attempts to save the file itself, as opposed to just the MediaFire frontend page for the download).