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PSA : Don’t buy ‘NEW’ hard drives from Ebay. They’re often used and sold as new

As of yesterday I’m 0/8 for actually getting a *NEW* drive. Every time one arrives I [test](https://hddscan.com/) them to determine if they’re new or not. Every single time thus far, they’ve been heavily to moderately used – never NEW. One was even rife with bad-sectors i.e. toast. These sellers often have stellar reviews, and my one review isn’t going to make a difference to anyone looking. Ebay doesn’t care, I file my return and get my money back, but I don’t get my time back. I know what I’m in for on Ebay, but one would think after 8 attempts something would go right. I’ve bought drives off the platform before I started testing, and I’m starting to understand why they failed so early.


– Don’t trust Ebay Drives

– If you must : [test](https://hddscan.com/) them

– Use a proper retailer, Amazon probably, or a walk-in store

– Microcenter is your safest bet. Places like Walmart and Bestbuy may not be as invested in the quality of their merch

Edit: For those asking, you don’t need to see SMART info to tell if it’s used or not. [This Program](https://hddscan.com/) is how I see. I made a little [guide here](https://imgur.com/a/yLwPgEU). For the record it can see SMART data too.

Edit2: This is also why ‘Refurbished’ drives are total scams too. Unless they replaced the platters, it’s worthless.

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  1. Maybe I am weird, but I have never considered anything I purchase on ebay new…. Even if it says new. Cause even if it is, its not like you will get a warranty because it is not an authorized retailer. And the old adage “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is” easily applies for scams, thefts, and counterfeits.

    The result…. If it is something that is important enough that I need to be right…. there is close to no chance I would buy it on ebay.

  2. > Amazon

    They have been getting worse and worse for quality and trustworthiness since they just pool loads of different sellers stock together. I’ve had a fake watch from there, I would expect people sell used HDDs.

    OP do you know any Linux/macOS alternatives to HDDScan?

  3. Your test doesn’t actually tell whether a drive is used or not.

  4. I’d take the measurements with a grain of salt, Windows isn’t exactly a real-time OS.

  5. The only time i bought a drive from eBay, it was a ssd Samsung evo 850 500GB, it was sealed and Samsung magician said its a genuine unit and it was also brand new. I had luck i guess.

  6. I like to buy drives directly from the manufacturer. They tend to know how to actually ship them properly and there’s little question about the original purchase if I need to make a warranty claim.

  7. Can confirm. Only time I bought HDDs from eBay, was a few 500GB SAS drives. Were “lightly used, sold because no longer required”. Turned up with 55k hours on them. Safe to say it was a pretty short argument before seller agreed on a return.

  8. it’s ebay dude… caveat emptor

    anyway, I bought 50x 4TB HGST SAS ultrastars off ebay a couple years ago, dude gave me a great price at the time… paid <$40/drive, they were listed as used and the guy gave me a 90 day warranty… tested each one in stablebit (two passes) and put them in service (48, 2 as spares), they have been running for a couple years 24×7 with no issues… obviously YMMV wildly

  9. I just bought some WD DC HC320 8TB “new” on eBay, still well within the return period. I have a supposedly unused drive testing now. I don’t know how long a test should take but it looks like it will be several hours (if the graph view is displaying the correct length its probably <5% complete), but also I don’t really even know what I’m looking for, but so far the results look like this:

    <5ms – 8530

    <10ms – 10

    <20ms – 33399

    <50ms – 92178

    <150ms – 40

    <500ms – 0

    >500ms – 1

    Bads – 0

    There are also patterns visible in the map view, which I would guess come from a controller striping data, but this is all just a guess. Would you say this is a used drive?

  10. I bought 3 new WD 1 TB drives from Amazon (not FBA, actual amazon) and got 3 1 TB WD Enterprise drives. I was like “sweet, somebody screwed up and sent me $100+ each drives for $40 each!” But nah, I only noticed when using installing the third one that they were manufactured in 2010… They looked brand new and were packaged exactly like all the other drives I’ve gotten from Amazon, in a “WD” sealed brown box containing the drive sealed in a static bag (factory looking melted seal, not a sticker).

  11. I wouldn’t say that refurbished drives are total scams, they have their purpose. I scan all of my drives regardless of where I purchase them from.

  12. I would never trust an ebay seller for new drives. I however have had amazing luck from the sellers that actually sell them as Used/Tested Good.

    6 years and counting on 12 WD Red 3TBs with no failures. They were like $40 each also. *knocks on wood*

  13. I learned the hard way too. Screw buy hard drive ever again from eBay. Bought 15 8tb Segate archive hdd and within 2-3 months, 12 failed. ?

  14. I would never buy a hard drive off eBay even a sealed one… I thought this was common knowledge?

  15. Don’t trust eBay for anything, especially things that are easier to scam

  16. I just bought 8 14TB easystore from Bestbuy, Amazon, and BH Photos. I need to check them all to see if they are correct, and pray to god nobody swap used or smaller drives.

  17. A few months ago I bough a 16TB etxernal seagate drive from [amazon.ca](https://amazon.ca) – it was my second such drive. Unlike the first it would not be recognized, and I tried everything. I am positive that someone had bought it shucked it and put in another drive and sent it back to amazon. I did not weigh the same as my other 16TB drive. I sent it back and they sent me a new one which worked fine. I think this is happening frequently.

  18. Honest question because I’m new to this. Is it bad to buy a 4TB WD purple off eBay? The seller never listed it as new or anything like that so I knew I was getting used. Is that not a good idea?

  19. I’ve bought 24, 4 TB SAS drives off eBay. Most were bought 4 at a time and each set from different people. That was 3 years ago and I’m still 24 for 24 in healthy drives (knock on wood!)

  20. I wouldn’t trust anything computer related and sold as new to be new on ebay. lol. I don’t go there for new stuff. I go there for cheap, used gear. XD I’ll take a gamble on a $25 used enterprise drive, if it’s doa I can usually get a free replacement. 🙂

    not for consumer drives though, I’d rather pay the extra for something new off amazon or newegg.

    now I do get new electronic parts (resistors, caps, switches, etc) but not computer components or even whole computers. get em used but cheap and from reputable sellers.

    ymmv on ebay. :/

  21. I bought 4 “refurbished” drives from eBay. 2 4TB WD blacks and 2 4TB WD greens. About 2 years ago. One black failed (Strange read errors but SMART fine) and the other black ist starting to fail (1 pending sector, 1 uncorrectable sector)…

  22. PSA: Use the word counterfeit when you open a case and there is a good chance you get to keep the drive and your money. Upload lots of photos of the drive, include serial number and smart data. Fuck those sellers, they know what they are doing.

  23. The only HDD I’ve ever bought of eBay was an 8TB WD Gold described as used but good condition. When I hooked it up, it made the notorious click-of-death sound, so I’m asuming, it had been pulled from a server somewhere, for that particular reason, and somebody then decided to scam sell it on eBay.

  24. Was checking headsets marked as new, totally used. Ebay says they are supposed to be unopened box above on the same page and under the listing it says [“cleaned and sanitized”](https://i.imgur.com/o9aowHP.png)

    The person changed the wording later but google cache still has the original page. People are too eager to get rid of a headset they regret buying.

  25. One thing I’ve learnt about ebay is you can’t trust it

  26. When buying long term electronics, stick with the brands and avoid buying from “sellers” but rather directly from Amazon or NewEgg (or better yet, from bandh.com). Preferably product with international warranty. This always helped me – I once bought a WD fusion drive from NewEgg. Registered it immediately on WD and it showed me the correct warranty. Later the drive developed some issue and since it was a genuine purchase and registered with WD, they shipped me a new drive to India.

  27. Unfortunately this is most likely extremely prevalent and probably unknown among most retailers. Why would the company that produces the drives list the drives as refurbished and at a cheaper price when they know the majority of users won’t check it so they can sell it for full price. Realistically there needs to be a law, with a steep enough fine to discourage, about selling anything with writeable memory that is refurbished without notifying the buyer. You are fortunate that there was only bad sectors on the drive and not illegal material.

  28. A “New” drive I bought from eBay the other day came partitioned. Who heard of a new drive being partitioned before?

  29. Are they priced as new? If not and priced lower that’s like a huge red flag.

  30. >Use a proper retailer, Amazon probably

    Still best to test, especially with commingled inventory. You can’t even know who provided the item.

  31. The only time I’d say this isn’t an issue is if you’re buying through an actual store that also uses eBay. For example mwave tends to have a 10% off special though ebay yet their site won’t. Same stock, etc.

  32. Sounds like the same scam as the “New Old Stock” cell phones on ebay. Those are also a lie.

  33. So did you see the hours in SMART not being zero or something else? How do you prove it to the seller / ebay?

  34. can you see the runtime in the SMART values or do they somehow clear those to factory settings?

  35. Hell, it’s a bet anywhere. I bought 4 SEALED 12tb external drives from best buy, every single one had used drives swapped into them. The store wouldn’t take them back until they pulled two more off the shelf and checked them to find the same. They had to pull their entire shipment.

    Edit:corrected spelling since upvotes keep occuring.