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[PSA] Beware of this individual who claims to have archives of data you’re looking for


Hi DataHoarders,

So I really love this subreddit as well as DHExchange.

And I love how we all share the same habit and hobby to preserve data before it is deleted! It is very meaningful and helpful to others who are looking for that data.

That is why I want to bring everyone’s attention to the trolls, the bad apples we have in our community so no one else falls for the same trap as I did.

This individual: https://www.reddit.com/user/SteveButtwater

It has come to my attention that he is pming others who are looking for backups. I fell for it when I was posting for Uberhaxornova Twitch Stream archives here:

[W] 2017-Jun 2018 Uberhaxornova Twitch Stream from DHExchange


**He preys on people seeking data**

Notice how no one commented. He likely wanted to avoid attention and get downvoted if he posted in case his other victims recognized him.

Which is why, he messaged me directly:

View post on imgur.com

with this URL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1N7rmP_1y4eo8bc75muJQPHXss-GgR1ja?usp=sharing


It is 1TB zip file, claiming to be his backup of everything (hence huge) and containing what I have.
It took me weeks to finally download because of internet connection cutting off. So it was a pain to finally piece together.


**The inside of his fake file**

However, once you download it and open it, you’ll see this:

View post on imgur.com

There are 200 MOV files in total, making up a total of 1.4TB.
However, the zip file is corrupt but only one video works, 001.MOV.

Once you open it, you’ll see:

View post on imgur.com

On the download page, the details under the file lists multiple different folders to make it seem like he has numerous backups compiled into one zip file on google drive:

View post on imgur.com

As you can see, here are a few of his folders he made containing the file to trick others into believing he has what they wanted:

View post on imgur.com

And here is the activity:

View post on imgur.com


**As evidence show, he has tricked many numerous different others since October 2018 with different fake folders. This is a premeditated attempt to drain data enthusiasts (like all of us)’s Internet bandwidth and time for the sake of schadenfreude.**

Please do not trust this individual if he approaches you claiming he has hoarded a ton of data and has what you need. Do not waste your time.

**Please raise awareness about this individual for the sake of our community`s reputation and so no one wastes 1TB bandwidth and days to get trolled**



Personal message from me:

I really loved Uberhaxornova streams…to the extent of downloading 1TB file for them.
I had so much hope too of finally finding the data I was looking for. I spent months and hours to look for this uberhaxornova twitch streams because 2018 streams were all deleted, only to be met with a scam. It costed me days to finally download this monster, and opening it was a pain. The zip file is corrupt and a pain to finally process only to get a troll video.

Please spread the word so no one will fall for the same depressing situation as I did and be the next victim.

Thank you

EDIT: No Uberhaxornova twitch streams are not considered pirating because it is free and available for viewing online to anyone until they were deleted. It is public domain.

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33 Yorumları

  1. Same guy tried pulling on me on one of my requests. 2TB of something I know there’s not 2TB of to put together

  2. Haha that’s hilarious. Never trust a guy named buttwater. You’re lucky it wasn’t something like illegal porn

  3. This dude is a cackling nut job that is the literal embodiment of far right retardism that makes me afraid to tell people im conservative. His post history is whacked and disgusting. Literal logical failure on this dude. He obviously just does this shit for giggles not thinking a thing about others. Thanks for bringing this to our attention op. I’m sure many downvotes and nastygrams are coming this guy’s way.

  4. Yeah, he’s a known piece of garbage.
    Got me once, I just took note and moved on.
    But good idea to give a heads up to others.

  5. > OP executes a file some rando asked to send him.

    And all you got was rickrolled. You should thank that man for teaching you a plethora of valuable lessons in internet safety 101.

  6. We’re lucky to have trolls around. Maybe in the face of actual maliciousness, you’ll think twice because of it.

  7. Yeah this cock gobbler “filled” one of my requests in DHE a while back. 1.5TB file, and zero post history in DH or DHE set off the BS alarm pretty quick.

  8. I mean… you downloaded an untrusted, unverified archive file from someone with no backing claiming it was something it wasn’t. Then you ran the contents of that file with (presumably) no protections. This is like, Limewire 101 of how not to fileshare.

  9. Oof – if you look at this guy’s history he is sort of cancer… The amount of hate one has to have to do such a selfish act (wasting time of others) must be immense.

  10. There is the chance that he is spreading malware with this technique. Make sure to run a full system virus scan OP.

  11. Man if people want stuff legit buy it. If they want it illegitimately torrent it. If you want backups video proof or trusted people. I have about 100tbs plus a bunch more but no way to share as its just so dayum big its why i dont even offer online. However if friends and fam want something np as they are local and can direct usb xfer

  12. I’m a bot, *bleep*, *bloop*. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

    – [/r/dhexchange] [[PSA] Beware of this individual who claims to have archives of data you’re looking for](https://www.reddit.com/r/DHExchange/comments/ax5qgd/psa_beware_of_this_individual_who_claims_to_have/)

    – [/r/homelab] [[PSA] From R/DataHoarder (Given the shared audience of both subs)](https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/comments/aytw4j/psa_from_rdatahoarder_given_the_shared_audience/)

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  13. Not gonna lie, I respect the time he’s put into this.

    I wouldn’t be mad, I’d enjoy a hearty chuckle at a prank this well executed.

  14. Had the same thing happen – same user, 1TB useless zip file.

    Thanks for warning others!

  15. That’s a lot of effort to put into Rickrolling someone.

  16. I have to say that was hilarious. I expired there to be a Trojan at the end of it. He’s taking Rickrolling to strange new places.

    Anyway, report him to google for copyright infringement and Rickrolling.

  17. Hah, very similar to the guy that created a giant collection of conspiracy videos and gave out torrents of it… which were stuck at 99.9% for weeks+.

  18. you could have asked for a screenshot for proof that he has what you wanted

  19. Hilarious waste of time. TBH downloading and opening to be trolled file is the easy part. The time they took to set up the troll file must be immense. Lol

  20. Should’ve put “You’ve been Gnomed” instead