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Protective case for cold storage HDDs

Protective case for cold storage HDDs

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33 Yorumları

  1. you can’t cold storage hard hardrives. They don’t last and don’t last that long if they aren’t occasional spun.

  2. final step, wrap it in toilet paper, add water, throw in freezer ✓

  3. These seem really slick, I’m just torn if I should buy this or put them back into their Easystore USB enclosures…

  4. I use these [containers off Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CYW17UY) (no affiliate link) and they have held up well.

  5. Why is no one talking about the toilet paper roll?

  6. Meh, It would be better to seal it tightly in the original static bag with duct tape, then use the shipping box from your new drive.

    Waterproof, shockproof and almost zero cost.

  7. I have these shells!

    Useful to store a couple of drives I don’t currently use, but most importantly when moving them around. I bought them last year to use them when I moved to another country.

  8. These are great! Currently using a few as a lot of my stuff is in storage at the mo and didn’t want to be without my data!

  9. I recently bought a drive that came in one of these but the case opens up from the top like like a tic-tac box. It’s the same color and similar label so I’m guessing it’s the same company that makes them.

  10. I have a few of these, theyre great. I just wish they had a longer version that could accommodate drives in hot swap caddies.

  11. Seems like a good idea. Maybe a good one to 3D print as well.

  12. Are there cases like this but… not for any specific product in particular?

    Like the stuff from Death Stranding. It’s not like I’ll buy it, I just wanna see it in real life.

  13. Nice! These would be good for bank safes, too.

    I take it from the hebrew printing on the package that you’re in Israel?

  14. We shuck drives out of plastic containers to put them into another plastic container? Yup.

  15. What would be the projected time limit for a cold storage drive, before magnetic decay made it unusable / unreliable?

  16. Why not put a bunch of drives into a pelican case with custom foam?

  17. Regardless of what the specs say, those should be in ESD bags before being put in the case.

  18. I use these. I’m happy with them overall. My major complaint is how expensive it gets when you’re buying 10+

  19. I like the look of this. Might snag a couple. Thank you.

  20. i’ve used the good ol’ full roll of toiletpaper and lunch box method, works pretty good too.

  21. I travel cross country couple times a year and I use these. Never had an issue with any of my drives. Highly recommended.