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Protect yourselves out there – NEW Drive from Amazon with 15257 Power On Hours

Protect yourselves out there – NEW Drive from Amazon with 15257 Power On Hours

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  1. According to the WD chatbot, the warranty starts when THEY ship it – so if you get it from Amazon and its “old” but has no power on hours, you’re probably fine. You still bought an old drive, but they’re “new” as far as WD is concerned.

  2. This happened to me with a secondary seller on NewEgg. I reported them and left them bad feedback, but it was cheap enough that I didn’t demand a refund or anything–but I really didn’t appreciate buying a drive that was described as new that had over four years of power-on hours smh. I would recommend to anyone thinking of using a NewEgg secondary seller for a new drive that they check the secondary seller’s feedback before buying. I doubt it’s an isolated problem.

  3. Don’t buy from 3rd party sellers on Amazon or anywhere else, Amazon isn’t responsible if you are screwed by them. Only way I’d buy things like new HDD’s from eBay is if they were 5+ year old accounts with perfect 500+ feedbacks, no matter what the so-called bargain price is with more questionable sellers. Was that a WD shuck? Be careful with those even from Amazon as the seller. Some assholes take out the drive and put back in a broken or used one then return it for a refund, but at least Amazon is good with fixing their their own sales when crap like that happens. Most of the drives I get have been made in the previous 3 months (unless the labels are also fake) so not enough time to get 15,000+ hours. At least you probably have another 85,000 hours left. 24/7 use the bearing usually goes bad after 100,000 hours or so if something else doesn’t wear out.

  4. Fundamentally, Amazon’s stock is a bag of things. If you get lucky, you get the exact product you ordered in the condition you expect.

    I’ve heard of cases where people got HDDs with enterprise labels but cheaper internals.

    For me, Amazon is always a toss up, so I avoid it.

  5. Don’t use it and try to recover the data that’s on it. You might find pictures of the culprit!

  6. That’s probably the same drive I and a dozen others bought and returned to amazon. I won’t buy drives from amazon.

  7. So glad that amazon is not the only option here in Europe. I am not buying from Amazon for as long as I still can

  8. Every time I buy a hard drive I fill it with data first, SMART can be reset to factory, and by filling it all up any dead sectors will show up on the report

  9. I’ve had this happen once, but it was with one of those HGST/Hitachi enterprise drives

  10. I still have a few Seagate Constellation ES.2 SAS drives with over 60k hrs. Still running fine…

  11. I’ve learned to check warranty using the serial number before opening the drive’s anti static plastic. Once you open that, the seller can say it’s not resellable so you have to pay a restocking fee.
    This became important when Newegg shipped me 5x16TB EXOS drives and the manufacturer said “no warranty.” I shipped them back after arguing with Newegg support about a misleading listing.
    All that said, always verify the SMART stats like the OP did. If you paid for new, you should see zero hours or maybe 1… but I can’t imagine even 1 hour on a factory new drive.

  12. Having been burned out by questionable second-handers a long time ago, I usually source my new drives directly from brick-and-mortar dealers and in person, which also makes it better for RMA servicing.

  13. Amazon has severe supply chain issues or at the very least, fails to verify it and its vendors are selling quality, genuine, as-advertised products. This issue is pervasive not just with hard drives, but with auto parts and clothing as well.

    :edit: I miss newegg 🙁

  14. The first NVME I got from Amazon for my new system may have been used. I installed all the hardware and wanted to boot with no OS just to see everything power on and show up in bios first. A new system boots pretty quick so having the OS on makes it a little harder as it flies right by the screen. So I starts it and suddenly I see a windows 10 log in screen. WTF!?!? Some person’s full name was on it. A bit irritating to say the least. Was the first of a long road of trouble shooting that system. No idea why this person installed everything then returned it. I was suspicious when I first got it as it appears the box was opened before. No way I am keeping that….

  15. Isn’t there method where once user shuck the drives, and they put lower storage used drive in the shell to return it?

  16. I got a 160gb hdd from Amazon a few years back- it was supposed to just be a spare. Had a shit ton of errors and power on hours. Really made me angry, but I learned my lesson. Imma just buy new ones on sale or MSRP.

  17. I bought a Exos 12TB drive from a reseller called serverpartdeals on Amazon and it was an OEM drive out of a server, so warranty was null and void. Returned it.

    I have bought three others without issue (one was a 14TB). They were from SabrePC and Platinum Micro. All had the proper 5 year warranty coverage.

    Best practice is opening up CrystalDiskInfo and checking serial online before you put any data on it.

  18. Bought a new hard drive from Amazon, Seagate ironwolf 10tb, just checked the power on hours, 43. Damnnnnn

    Edit: I bought it 2 days ago. The math adds up

  19. Pretty crappy. I know you returned. I certainly would, too, and find another supplier.

  20. I once ordered a new 8 TB WD Drive with 22k hours

  21. Yep, that’s happened to me too with a third party seller. Always check the smart attributes on “new” drives.

  22. This happens with grow lights.

    Used bulbs end up being sold as new.

    It was so bad a few years ago that local sourcing was the only safe buy.

  23. Don’t buy from Amazon. If Retailer A, B, C, and D are selling the same sku and retailer D is a scammer, D’s products will just go into the same bin at the distribution warehouse for Amazon alongside A B C and you might end up with D’s products even if you order from A B or C’s!

  24. Just out of curiosity, what is the manufacturing date on a hard drive? 15000 hours is almost two years, if the drive ran Non-Stop.

  25. I know he have talked about this in the past about looking at the SMART Data before adding drives to an array. I bought this new drive to add to my UnRAID Array and found 15257 Power On Hours.

    Is there any non-scam-y answer to why this would be that high? I plugged this in yesterday, so about 20 hours are mine.