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Please stop posting photos of your hard drives.

Hey, quick reminder, posting pictures of a bunch of HDDs you just bought ISN’T interesting, it’s boring and I’m tired of seeing them all, I’m tired of seeing “Am I part of this now?” or “Am I doing this the right way?” posts.

It’s not because you have 100TB free of storage on your server that you are a data hoarder, and there is no “good way to do this”.

Data hoarding isn’t about just buying $3000 worth of hard drives just for posting them here. What’s interesting is what you do with your storage.

If you just have 1TB of storage but you do something freakin’ cool with it, what you can share here is way more important than someone buying 30TB of storage and never post again here.

Please, focus on what we love, the DATA, not the storage medium, please focus on projects, on archiving, on digital preservation.

Thanks. Post [inspired](https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/9zxvf2/please_stop_posting_pictures_of_your_hard_drives/) by u/Nooco24

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43 Yorumları

  1. Oh yeah, I left the sub because of this shit. Glad this changed ! Thanks.

  2. there should be exceptions… Like if you have a dump truck with 180k HDDs in it…. please post that.

  3. Anyone else kinda missing the storage build pics? PM me ur hdd pics.

  4. > buying $3000 worth of hard drives

    But we gotta flex, bro. It’s people in the sidebar with PB of storage, can’t get caught lacking! ?

    JK. What amuses me the most is people flexing double digit buys of *consumer* HDDs for array use. Hooo boy. Or incredibly expensive NAS drives when higher spec enterprise drives literally cost less.

  5. Then can the posts about peoples gdrive collections be pruned as well? When you’re storing shit in the cloud you ain’t hoarding it. You are just moving it to another place that you don’t have control over and isn’t yours.

  6. This is a wrong move, it’s part of the spirit of this sub to post hdd pictures.. are only serious posts allowed now?

  7. It’s getting to the point where you can’t post anything.

  8. I’m glad you spoke up. It was really annoying seeing this shit on the front page. Almost made me regret joining the sub.

  9. That’s how I feel about musicians and bands. The music is what I care about, I don’t want to see you singing or playing your instruments.

  10. OP is the hero we wanted and needed.

    Seriously though, every technology-based subreddit suffers from this stuff. r/nvidia and r/amd with their ridiculous amount of PC-build photos, r/audiophile (and it’s affiliates) with people showing off the same boring headphone/DAC/amp combos… Lord it gets old. Show me something interesting, like an awesome DIY project or what you’ve got stored on yer sheeeeit.

  11. Maybe there could be a weekly sticky thread about hardware images and discussion?

  12. Agree that a stack of HD’s isn’t interesting. But I love looking at peoples finished installs. Nice chassis, maybe rack mounted, a little info on what software they’re using the manage the array and it’s intended purpose.
    What data they are hording could be a sensitive subject.

  13. Those posts won’t just stop, why not give those people some kind of weekly or monthly thread that’s stickied where they can show of their latest haul?

    If there’s a thread stickied people are far less likely to post their own thread I think.

  14. I genuinely appreciate some hear porn. Idc if you post photos of your drives but I do agree the naïveté is annoying. Cool drives bro, now what are you doing with them?

  15. I thought this sub would be a good place to ask which 10TB drive is the most reliable. Instead, posts with pictures of external drives beat out my totally legitimate and relevant question. Cool.

  16. I’ve just gone and blocked imgur/ i.reddit.com on this sub since it became such low effort karma. Much rather read articles or discussions.

  17. When a new model appears on a market, or someone has a special drive that you can’t regularly get (like the WD8088AADS) or find in consumer markets, I think it should be allowed. I like to expand my horizon and see things I haven’t seen yet.


    Other than that, I can understand that looking at MyBook, Elements or Easystore Boxes is annoying for some people.

  18. I actually like those kinds of posts. Shows what people are getting, what drives get popular and I just like seeing equipment.

    This kind of post always pops up on a bunch of subreddits. Either people ignore it and keep posting. Or they follow it and new posts drop to 1/10th of what they were.

  19. Wait. So you basically just copy pasta’ed a post from 7 months ago? That’s almost as lazy as just posting photos of harddrives…

  20. **right click ~ sends 20 hires pics of my HDDs to the recycle bin.*

    Well, would you like to see my collection of cat5 cable neatly bundled?

  21. could we just split the difference like most subreddits and have a regular/weekly/always up “post photos of your hard drive hauls here” post? i guess no one could use it for the point karma though…

  22. Considering half the regulars here have flair set to how big their storage capacity is I don’t think you speak for the majority of the user base, lol.

  23. Are you new to the group and happy to have new drives ? Post away. You should be excited with your new journey and most here will cheer you on as you learn and ask questions. The types who hate their lives can easily scroll past the HDD picture posts

  24. I noticed a lot of the “look at what I bought” threads disappearing all of a sudden.

    Hats off to the mod(s) that is swinging their broom with reckless abandon!

  25. Isn’t it just a bit daft for /r/DataHoarder to not have space for (storage) battlestation pics?

  26. It’s not particularly interesting, but I don’t mind them. It’s not really a fast moving sub anyway.

  27. Maybe rule #2

    > r/DataHoarder isn’t ‘look at my connection speed’

    Should be amended like

    > r/DataHoarder isn’t ‘look at my connection speed’, nor is it ‘look at my hard drive haul’

  28. Imagine spending $3k on drives *just to post on here*. That’s next level dumb.

  29. Seriously. The attention whoring post about your shucked drives is very annoying. Cool story, your investment of 2-3K to store a few hundred movies on is a real crazy phenomenon.

  30. Random pic of my work space

    I also have a picture of my hand after I shucked them all and cut my self open.

    https://imgur.com/OZDS8gB Some happy hard drive holders

    https://imgur.com/slpE4RD New old drives (2/4/6TB)

    https://imgur.com/RxMMoKH Drives being upgraded

    Maybe /r/HardDrivePorn should be made. -_-

  31. I completely agree. Do better. Post your lab that contains your hard drives. I think ppl buy hard drives and really don’t actually know what to do with them. They buy all these hard drives, and that’s great…. I would bet a titan rtx that most of them just sit in the packages.

    I’ve seen ppl post pics of their sale hdd haul, then days later ask what to do with them, or ” ok I just bought all these drives, how do I shuck them, or” I just bought all these drives, how do I build a NAS/Server.” ?. No big deal, we all start somewhere,….. But don’t fake the funk.

    But that’s the dynamic of this community now. Data hoarding equals massive hard drive purchases. I can guarantee most don’t even data hoard.

    They always say, “I’m getting my NAS set up soon, stay tuned”. We all stay tuned but nothing happens. If they show off their drives then they would obviously show off their data hoarding machine, but the truth is the drives never make it into a machine which is sad for the drives.

    Post your rigs big man, or better yet, screenshoot that massive hoard you used wget……. toget ??

  32. To be fair, there have really only been a few posts on this sub of someone doing “something freakin’ cool” with their storage.