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Playing with a 100TB miniature jet engine (AMZN Snowball Edge)

Playing with a 100TB miniature jet engine (AMZN Snowball Edge)

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  1. So *that’s* what my NAS is missing: an embedded tablet to play cute animations made by an intern.

  2. These things are garbage. We were sending 2 back and forth a day, and half the time we’d have to restart the copy jobs, had several fail. There are far better mules options out there. Then again I’m spoiled, having installed 15PB in 4 days a month back:)

  3. Reminds me of an old girlfriend, awsome box put whined way much. Couldn’t live with it for long.

  4. I feel like at the end of the spin up it should blast out “You’ve got mail”

  5. r/homelab be like “Just came back from my haul, paid $25. It’s not much but it’s mine”

  6. “AMZN”

    I think this guy likes to download lots of ISOs

  7. This is nothing, stand behind a Cisco UCS blade chassis during power on for some delightful permanent hearing loss.

  8. Deltas get the job done! haha. I remember my overclocked Athlon XP sounding similar, albeit not nearly as loud, with my Dynatron cooler and delta fan. Good times.

  9. Wow is it really that loud? The snowball totally masked the rest of the datacenter

  10. Ah, reminds me of a Dell PowerEdge 6650 that I used to admin.

  11. I wish I could have that sound as a ringtone

  12. And here I thought all fans max rpm on an M1000e chassis was loud as shit..

  13. Lordy, Snowballs are fun. Biggest ones I’ve personally used were 80TB. I was supposed to get one the week of March 17 to upload some data but our building shut down and I had to postpone.
    I could seriously use that data in AWS while stuck at home :-/

  14. Listening to that thing spin up makes me feel like I need a seat belt on my office chair.

  15. /r/DataHoarder be like… can you shuck these drives?

  16. Haha… we got one of those back when they were in the ugly yellow beta boxes. Good to see they’ve made them a bit more aesthetically pleasing, if loud as fuck all.

  17. Holy networking earplugs, Batman, that thing makes my Dell MD1220 sound like an angel‘s whisper!

    I‘d like to see the numbers in a shootout with consumer hardware of the same caliber, say a Synology DS3617xs w/ 10 GbE card filled with 10 TB drives. That one never goes above 40 dB.

    (Yeah I do realize the Amazon device is built for resilience and don‘t claim a consumer box matches all its benefits.)

  18. For how few people will ever use this, I’m surprised the effort that has gone in to the UI on that screen!

    It’s cool though!!! in fact, very cool with those fans!

  19. My absolute favorite feature of these is the e-paper display used to display shipping labels. That and SFP+ uplinks – still blows me away how minimal / underpowered the underlying hardware in these is though.

  20. That’s what my home server sounds like when I put a 10g SFP+ NIC into it.

    Stupid HP servers, it’s a damned HP card, on the support list for the server.

  21. Ahaha. I love it.

    I’m a TAM with AWS. I have a colleague that got one for testing and self-learning, and he occasionally turns it on in our office space. At which point I ask if he radioed tower for taxi instructions and that he needs to throttle down. =P


    Great devices, but yeah. I think the fans are made by Pratt & Whitney. =D

  22. I had the misfortune of dealing with one of these for my job. We learned the hard way you can’t have millions of little files or their software will choke. I had a 10gbe connected and was getting sustained download speeds of about 13mb/s.

  23. I image the WAF on this is pretty low. I can’t see my Mrs going for it.