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Pirated Black Ops II is the best experience I ever had with the CoD franchise.

Bo2 is by far my favourite CoD, sadly it aged terrible. The PC version is overrun by cheaters, most servers got already taken down by Activision and at least in the EU you always have 100+ ping when playing and the game only allows you to have a maximum FOV of 90. Also all the DLCs are still expensive as shit for a game that has a few hundred players and is almost 10 years old.

I found out that there is a private server mod for bo2 called Plutonium and my god I never had so much fun playing that game. There is a torrent on their website which includes the game and all dlcs, you can create your own servers + server browser, they made a new anticheat, increased the FOV to 120, fixed some of the weapons and allow you to have Unlock All instead of grinding the equipment. Hands down the best free multiplayer game out there, fuck Activison and what they did to CoD. All new CoDs are just money-grabs after money-grabs, who the fuck even plays Vanguard? It always amazes me how some developers without access to the source code can create better versions of a game than the original devs.

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7 Yorumları

  1. Does anyone know a decent way to get BO2 campaign?

  2. They also added controller aim assist making pros able to host throwback tournaments. Pretty awesome.

  3. Hi! I was probably one of the seeders haha. I’ve also recently ( about a month ago) got bo2 again and it’s been so much fun. Replaying the story for different outcomes and the customization of loadouts.. I just love it

  4. Hopping on this post to include a few extra CoD mods.

    IW4x – MW2 client mod. Introduces legacy CoD4 maps, weapons (M40A5 and AK-47U are some of those weapons), as well as BO1 classics such as Nuketown and Firing Range. Reintroduces console commands, and FoV adjustments.

    Get: [https://xlabs.dev/support_iw4x_client](https://xlabs.dev/support_iw4x_client)

    IW6x – Ghosts Client Mod. Released not to long ago.

    Get: [https://xlabs.dev/support_iw6x_client](https://xlabs.dev/support_iw6x_client)

    S1x – Advanced Warfare.

    Get: [https://xlabs.dev/support_s1x_client](https://xlabs.dev/support_s1x_client)

    Github: [https://github.com/XLabsProject](https://github.com/XLabsProject)

    Discord: [https://discord.com/invite/sKeVmR3](https://discord.com/invite/sKeVmR3)

  5. You can also play COD WAW, MW3 and Bo2 zombies through plutonium. You can also play (without buying) MW2, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. google IW4x

    Edit: there is also a client for Cod 4 known as Cod4x