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Parity Error and Disk Error Diagnosis Help

Here is my current Unraid setup:

1 8TB Parity drive, 3 x 8TB and 1 5TB data drives.

I purchased a new 14TB Easystore drive on sale and am intending to replace my Parity drive with it and use the old Parity drive to replace the 5TB data drive.

Here is my situation.

I was about to preclear my new 14TB drive and noticed that my 5TB drive has a new error. The error codes stated “Offline Unrecoverable 2”. I am not sure just how bad and how much data is corrupted.

I then decided before I swapped out my Parity drive that I would do a parity check. The Parity Check resulted in 13,446 errors. Again I am not sure how much data is corrupted.

I am not sure on how to proceed from here.

I am thinking the normal procedure would be to replace and rebuild the 5TB drive but I don’t have and really am not in the market to replace that drive at the moment.

Could I pull out the 5 TB drive, format it and then put it back in and then have it rebuilt from Parity? This should possible rebuild and nothing will be written to the bad sectors.

Since I am not sure how much data is corrupted could I just go ahead and swap out the Parity drive and they use the old 8TB drive to replace the 5TB drive with issues. This would just be ignoring the corrupted files and replace them as I find them.

I am not too concerned about the corrupted data as anything important like family pictures and videos are backed up on several locations and devices. The bad date is most likely a show or movie which can be replaced easily.

Can I get insight on options on how to proceed without inuring any further expense.

How much data is probable corrupted with 13,446 errors on the parity check? Are we likely talking a movie or two or dozens?

Thank you in advance for your insight and recommendations.

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  1. 13,446 errors is a LOT. That drive is likely toast. I wouldn’t trust it to hold any more data.

    If you don’t have or can’t afford another hard drive, the only thing I can think of doing is installing the 14TB to replace the 5TB, do a parity rebuild to restore the data from the failed 5TB. Pull the 8TB parity drive, copy the contents of 14TB to the 8TB (you will be without parity at this point), then clear the 14TB and set it up as parity.

    UnRAID describes this process here: https://wiki.unraid.net/The_parity_swap_procedure

    Otherwise if you have another 5TB or larger drive, here’s instructions on how to do so: https://wiki.unraid.net/Replacing_a_Data_Drive

    Also would be a good time to think about backups. While you should be pretty safe with the UnRAID parity drive rebuilding your array, you will be without parity at some point in the process. If there’s another failure along the way that data is dead.