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Overwhelmed by all the possible options for making a home server/NAS.

I’d like to upgrade and expand on my data storage, but I’m unsure of how to make use of what I already have (or if I even should)

I’ve got a ~10 year old gaming/workstation PC that I’d still like to keep as a Windows machine for the occasional LAN game or backup PC, but set it up to primarily be a file & media server. I know it’s possible to do something like run UnRAID and virtualize the Windows side, but I could also just leave it as a plain old Windows machine for simplicity.

Getting beyond that, I’m undecided about whether to software/hardware RAID (5,6,10??) or use Windows Storage Spaces, or 3rd party disk pooling like StableBit DrivePool, ZFS…or any others that I’m missing. I know that each method has pros and cons, so it kind of comes down to personal preference and requirements.

As for my requirements – I’ve got 2 distinct goals in mind. I want to expand space for my Media Server for my home theater, but I’d also like a separate storage space for my video editing media with more of a focus on performance (ideally being able to edit video off of the NAS at least through proxies).

The [existing case](https://www.thermaltake.com/level-10-gts-snow-edition.html) has 4 Easy Swap bays that I thought should work well for the Media Server aspect…even if they’ll have to be hooked up to SATA II [on the motherboard](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/sm9KHx/asus-motherboard-p9x79le) (which offers four SATA II + two SATA III). Then I thought of adding a [drive cage](https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1214435-REG/icy_dock_mb155sp_b_fatcage_5_bay_ez_tray_backplane.html) + the [necessary expansion card](https://www.amazon.com/CREST-Internal-Non-Raid-Controller-Bracket/dp/B07ST9CPND/ref=psdc_284718_t3_B07T3RMFFT?th=1) to handle the video media storage.

But that’s $200+ spent on aging hardware that wasn’t designed to be a server. Perhaps that’s a dumb move? Maybe the video editing storage should just be a new box entirely. Although I’m a little concerned with how many different machines I’ll end up with, considering that I’ll need another box elsewhere in the house for backups…

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  1. 1, don’t get that card. I have the 4-port version, and it’s caused me unbelievable pain with mdadm (Linux software RAID). If you need a card, find a used LSI SAS card (SAS cards all handle SATA as well) on eBay. Should be around the same price.

    2, it’s all modular- you can upgrade to a different case for just the cost of a case. Same for the other components, so it’s not a waste of money if you decide this doesn’t meet your needs.

    3, a simple file server has very low overhead. Mine was running on a C2D (all consumer-grade hardware) until 6 months ago, and I upgraded for unrelated reasons. Don’t worry about marketing titles like server- most of the common features of “servers” won’t do anything for you.

    TL;DR: start with what you already have, and buy upgrades only when you need to

  2. If you want to edit video off your NAS I’d suggest a 10G NIC of some sort and a RAID array for improved performance. I’d use your old PC as a backup NAS. For that you could use Drivepool or UnRAID.

    As far as primary NAS/OS/file system, depends on what you are willing to spend. TrueNAS has good hardware and OS, but also more expensive/less flexible to expand. Synology devices just work, easy to set up and have a nice array of apps to work with out of the box, albeit more expensive and have to use their hardware to expand.

    On that note you could always set up a NAS to do both media storage as well as video editing. Put the video editing portion on the 10G and use a separate RAID volume, while keeping your media storage on a separate volume and 1G NIC is sufficient.

  3. If it’s relevant to know the current setup:

    My Media Library is on an external 3TB USB drive (completely full, I’ve got more waiting to be added). No backup other than physical discs. My video editing media is on a single 2TB drive in the PC, backed up to an external 8TB USB drive. Old files have to be deleted from the media drive as projects are completed and so for a lot of projects the only copy I can keep lives on that external drive. Project files + other documents are on a separate 1TB drive, backed up to the same external drive. Remaining drives in the system are boot+apps SSD, cache SSD, 1 TB game drive.

    So as you can see, there’s lots of room for improvement here.