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Other options, want to(have to) quit using torrents!

So I basically am super scared. I’m moving to Berlin, Germany in some weeks and I have read many posts about how torrenting is illegal and all in Germany, and they didn’t mean shit to me. In my country, it’s pretty okay to use torrents, but I still go with vpns, just to be on the safe side. Now the problem came when I talked to a cousin of mine who told me that they used to live in a WG(shared apartment) with 3 others, one guy who was from russia was caught downloading copyrighted content and he had to pay 40k EUR and he was deported back to russia. I personally, obviously don’t want this. So I’m looking for alternatives, for example, for anime, there is animix.com, but I personally don’t watch anime that much. I am mainly looking for sites where I can stream stuff like masterclass/skillshare courses and other stuff like that, that’s mostly what I torrent. Or at times I even torrent something like The Great courses course. But I genuinely and scared and idk what to do, does anybody have any ideas/insights for me?

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  1. This is what I would do. I bought this router Flint (GL-AX1800). Super great and recommend. I run my mullvad VPN on the router and now all of my devices in my home are now connected to the VPN. I have 125 down and up without and with vpn so speeds are the same usually, This is extreme but what I do to protect myself. You can also use a kill switch on the router too to make sure nothing leaks when not connecting to the VPN service

  2. Well, in germany even streaming off not licenced sites is considered illegal.

    Best practice would be to use VPN, change the DNS server and most importantly disable seeding. (even if youre considered a leech by doing that) The good thing in germany is, the government doesn’t know much about tech so you should be fine after taking those measures.

    Also to clarify: Using torrents by them selfes is NOT illegal, downloading copyrighted material is.

  3. As said by the others, you should be okay if you’re using a VPN. Couple things to keep in mind, though. Make sure that your VPN company doesn’t keep any logs (there are many posts in this subreddit that can point you to some good options). You also might want to head to [doileak.com](https://doileak.com) or a similar site to test if your VPN is leaking DNS requests. Personally, I use NordVPN and have no issues, but there are many other options. If that checks out, just make sure you have a kill switch on so that you won’t accidentally disconnect your VPN, and you should be safe.

    Another good option mentioned here was Usenet. This is what I use over torrenting, and the benefits are massive, but it’s not free. If you do decide to go that route, most providers have an option to connect and download over SSL/TLS, mitigating the need to use a VPN (It’s still better to use one, better safe than sorry). It’s a nice extra layer of security.

    As far as DDL sites, I have yet to find any quality one that is free. Maybe someone else can help there if you’d want. If you’re looking into the paid side, I would suggest [real-debrid.com](https://real-debrid.com), they can even turn any torrent into a DDL that you can download over SSL/TLS (again, still safer to use a VPN as well).

  4. Vpn but ensure you have a kill switch/bind to the interface/client.

    Search the sub. Been discussed loads of times.