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Osama Bin Laden’s hard drive now available for download.

Osama Bin Laden’s hard drive now available for download.

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41 Yorumları

  1. CIA is Toying with you. They Probably have Tracking Malware in those Files to Track Anyone Who Downloads it because He Could be from Osamas Groups.

  2. Better have his falafel recipe or I’m not interested.

  3. > directly damage efforts to keep the nation secure

    I hate to be conspiratorial but if we killed the dude, took his HDD and yoinked his data and saw something that was actually a threat to the US security wouldn’t we have done something about it by now?


    I feel like its more to do with reputation than security

  4. All of these file names look like they’re sketchy shit downloaded from LimeWire in 2007. Dude can’t rename a file? I guess he was too busy hating America

  5. The man’s done a lot of terrible things but pirating movies is where I draw the line. What scum.

  6. Has anybody actually gone through this and found anything interesting? I’m curious, but not curious enough to actually download it lol

  7. I wonder if there’s an English translation of the journal? Would be a fascinating read

  8. You know say what you want about Bin Laden but he sure would have rocked this quarantine

  9. Remember that FF7 was about a supposed terrorist group attacking the evil corporate overlords? Kinda makes sense why he liked this game

  10. why would you post a link to a cia site the day after they announce they can view your web history without a warrant?

    do you want trojans? because this is how you get trojans

  11. > materials protected by copyright; pornography; … BBC Great Wildlife Moments

    i totally misread that title

  12. >”Today’s release of recovered al-Qa‘ida letters, videos, audio files and other materials provides the opportunity for the American people to gain further insights into the plans and workings of this terrorist organization,”

    Also known as providing a playbook and further inspiration to up and coming fundamentalists all round the world.

    Nothing like America spreading the disease they claim to want to stamp out. Next thing you know they will be funding, training, arming and supplying these same radicals…..Oh wait, that’s already been done a couple of times.

    And the wheels of the bus go round and round….Biiiiiiig money in conflict.

  13. The collection also included the little mermaid mp3 “Under the sea where it is wetter where it is better..”

  14. I wonder why he’s got so many crochet videos?

    * Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Baby_Crochet_Sock_Edging.flv
    * Crochet_5_Puff_Stitch_Cheap_Way.flv
    * Crochet_BasketWeave_Crochet_-_Part_2.flv
    * Crochet_BasketWeave_Crochet_Stitch_-_Part_1.flv
    * Crochet_Butterfly.flv
    * Crochet_Cell_Phone_Case_-_Part_Two.flv
    * Crochet_Cell_Phone_Case_Pouch-_Part_One.flv
    * Crochet_Ipod_Sock.flv
    * Crochet_Solid_Heart.mp4
    * Crochet_Star_-_Small.flv
    * Crocheted_Corkscrew_Tutorial.flv
    * How_to_Crochet_a_Basket.flv
    * How_to_Crochet_a_Circle.flv
    * Small_Crochet_Party_Bags.flv
    * Star_Rainbow_Crochet_Applique’.flv
    * Stripe_Crochet_Beanie_Cap_Hat.flv
    * The_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Crochet_Popcorn_Stitch.flv
    * The_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_How_to_Crochet_a_Circle_to_Square_2.flv
    * The_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Radiant_Crochet_Flower.flv
    * YouTube_-_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Crochet_Spring_Rose.flv
    * YouTube_-_Crochet_Leaf_Variation_1.flv
    * YouTube_-_Crochet_Shamrock_B_-_Clover.mp4
    * YouTube_-_How_to_Crochet_a_Flower_tutorial.mp4
    * YouTube_-_Marigold_Crochet_Bag_Video_Tutorial_3_-_How_to_Join_Crochet_Squares.flv
    * YouTube_-_The_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Radiant_Crochet_Butterfly.flv
    * crochet_basketweave_baby_blanket,_basketweave_baby_pillow,_crochet_baby_bag._poncho_bear.flv
    * crochet_heart.flv

  15. Can’t believe he was pirating all these movies. He really was a shit

  16. Hold up, I want to know what porn isn’t being included.

  17. VID-000133 YouTube_-_funy_cats.flv


    There is also

    VID-000005 24.mp3

    file is corrupt tho, wonder if the 24 “theme” lol.

  18. I remember when they released the text names of all his contents. And he had a MVGroup subtitle file.

  19. You would think he’d at least have some decent “organic chemistry” books on how to use acetone and black pepper to make explosives, etc.

  20. Is his file like making him look like a hypocrite or is it just me lol

  21. Osama was a gamer lol I can’t believe it ha ha ha

  22. I dont know why they delete the porn. Really want to know what he was into. I dont remember seeing something showing his browser history.

  23. Perhaps if square enix told him they’d remake final fantasy 7 if he was a good boy we could have avoided a lot of people dying

  24. How can we trust that they have publish everything and not kept anything from us? Is there any audit or something?

  25. I’m not certain I’d want anything of his in my file system. May go against hoarding but not everything you can get should you get.

  26. I get a kick out of this.

    With today’s release, the information remaining in the Abbottabad collection that has not been released publicly includes materials that are sensitive such that their release would directly damage efforts to keep the nation secure; materials protected by copyright; pornography; malware; and blank, corrupted and duplicate files. For example, some of the material being withheld from public release are the following copyrighted videos:

    Batman Gotham Knight
    BBC Great Wildlife Moments
    Biography – Osama bin Laden
    Chicken Little
    CNN Presents: World’s Most Wanted
    Final Fantasy VII
    Heroes of Tomorrow
    Home on the Range
    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
    In the Footsteps of bin Laden – CNN
    National Geographic: Kung Fu Killers
    National Geographic: Inside the Green Berets
    National Geographic: Predators at War
    National Geographic: World’s Worst Venom
    Peru Civilization
    Resident Evil
    Storm Rider – Clash of the Evils
    The Kremlin from Inside
    The Story of India
    The Three Musketeers
    Where in the World is Osama bin Laden