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Options needed. Google Business Unlimited user

Hey everyone,

I’m just a single Gsuite Business user and I’m a creative freelancer that uses about 20TB of data on GSuite. I got an email stating that I’m going to get migrated to Google workplace. None of the business plans are unlimited anymore except the enterprise plans. After reading these forums I was a bit confused on the Enterprise plan if it was unlimited GDrive Space or not.

I called the Google Sales team at 855-720-6978 and they pretty much stated since I’m a single user the $20 a month enterprise plan only gives me 5TB. The enterprise plan is only 5TB so if I need 20TB of space I need to add 4 “dummy users” to equal 20TB.

Is this true? What are my options? I’d like to stay with Gsuite but I see Dropbox has an unlimited plan for $20 a month.

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5 Yorumları

  1. I just migrated to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard so hopefully things continue as they are

  2. At this moment I’m on the Google Workspace Business Standard plan and this still gives me unlimited storage. I had contact with the CS and they forwarded me to this page: [https://support.google.com/a/answer/10077880?authuser=1](https://support.google.com/a/answer/10077880?authuser=1)

    What this tells me is that the Enterprise Standard version will be limited to 1 TB if you’re under 5 users. So it still wouldn’t be an option if Google is going to enforce this limit ever.

    Though, a year back I had a conversation with a CS employee of Google and he told me my storage would be unlimited as long is I had 1 or multiple Shared Drives in my organisation. Maybe this still applies today on the Enterprise plan.

    If you want to leave the Google train a good option would be Jottacloud (but speed is limited after 5 TB), add 4 more users or go with Dropbox, but I’ve heard you have to contact the sales-department to go beyond 3 TB.

  3. Shared Drive are still unlimited. Only the personal drive will be limited.

  4. I believe the enterprise version is unlimited unless something changed this week – 5TB may be the “soft limit” that they have to tell you about, but it’s unlimited.

    At this point though, I’m building a backup server to put in a relative’s home that will function as my backups.

  5. Received the same e-mail today about my GDrive Suite unlimited is going to become a 5tb plan per user. I’m looking into self-hosting options now…seems like unlimited is always temporary in this field.