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Opinion: photos of hard drives + number of TB is dull dull dull

That’s it.

I get closer to unsubscribing from this sub every time one is posted.

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42 Yorumları

  1. I’ll likely get banned or whatever the “hot?” term is for disrobing someone from a platform for choosing to be weird, but I am sexually attracted to photos of hard drives and the number of terabytes those photos are displaying. Hee-Yaw!

    I type all that to say this: I find it interesting to see how much storage space people are using for their data storage needs. I’ve recently bought month to month subscription plans precisely for extra storage but I know in the long term it will be far cheaper and more expedient to just buy the storage I need, rather than rent it and have my data subject to some third party’s policies.

    I know some of ye veterans might be grizzled, and whilst I ain’t advocating for endless post after post of Western Digital chrome boxes followed by variants of 4+/- TB, I personally find value in this information.

  2. I wish we could get a flair for these posts. /r/thinkpad does it, they flair them as ‘thinkstagram’ posts. That way we could choose whether or not we want to see them.

  3. It’s even worse when it’s a company they work for. Like wtf do we care what your employer buys?

  4. This sub turned into what the rest of Reddit is now. “Hey Reddit, my wife’s boyfriend let me buy another 500gb SSD to store my porn on, how much heckin karmarinos can I get?” *picture of a meh-tier SSD in a box*

  5. I want to post some un-shucked harddrives in an open crockpot with the title “see you in a few hours!” so I can crosspost here and /r/slowcookers and really annoy people!

  6. [Sometimes to make things better you first gotta make it much much worse.](https://old.reddit.com/r/Ubiquiti/comments/fa1wdw/please_post_more_pictures_of_boxes_the_only_way/)

    That post got pictures banned in r/ubiquiti. The sub isn’t perfect, but it made a huge improvement. Most of the obvious shill accounts moved over to r/homelab and r/cableporn.

  7. This is why I’m refraining from posting anything until I complete my journey toward hoarding network logs.

  8. The home automation subreddit has a rule that you can’t just post a photo of boxes of stuff you’ve brought without at least including a comment explaining what you’ve brought and what you are planning to do with it – could we add something like that here?

  9. I’ll post my setup sometime and it’ll blow your mind.

  10. Agreed, unless it’s something truly remarkable lol.

  11. I remember when people actually posted about what data they’re storing, how they get it, and what they do with it…

    I wouldn’t even care about the brag posts if this sub wasn’t 50% brag posts.

  12. Agree! I do have to say this subreddit is not as bad as the Apple Watch subreddit though. All you see there is watch bands. Oh cool a different color blue.

  13. Yeah, and add the “Look at my 5 HDDs, am I part of the group now? Can you validate me?” And the classic “I want to be someone who aimlessly spend his money on HDD and collect huge ammounts of useless data just like you guys, what do you think I should hoard?”

  14. Agreed, those posts should be banned. Maybe have a day where labporn and TB-porn can be posted, like Saturday or some day I’ll never check.

  15. They could always make a weekly thread for posting setups or something along those lines?

  16. I’m only interested if people show a pic of an extraordinarily rare or expensive drive, 100TB SSDs or somehow a home consumer having some of the high end drives facebook get (Don’t they have 16 or 18TB models?)

    Cable routing shots, switch / NAS layouts might be interesting

    I’d like to see more posts of

    TrueNAS vs UnRaid vs Synology vs QNAP vs (I think there’s another one like Unraid?)

  17. Most hardware subs devolve into this eventually as the posts are slowly moderated less strictly.

    r/AMD and r/Nvidia for example are 90% photos of people’s PCs. BORING.

  18. If we all start reporting posts that break the rules, maybe the mods will I dunno.. moderate?

  19. Exactly, thought the mods had cracked down on these tiresome posts

  20. Honestly this sub has become kind of a source of laughs. I love when people proudly post their hilariously janky setups, like a bunch of USB drives, or when someone frantically posts thinking that the only way the President of the United States’ tweets will be preserved is if they activate this subreddit as soon as possible.

    I also love reading stubborn people defending their questionable setups in the comments. It’s gold

  21. I see alot of people saying they don’t like seeing these pictures coming up.

    For me I do kind of like to see these images as it helps me to learn what drives people are buying for there data. There are so many options out there that it’s quite daunting to make that plunge, and splash the cash on a drive to then find that you’ve made a terrible decision. Seeing these images show up here confirms to me that other people think a certain drive is good.

    But also on the flip side I can see how the same thing showing up time and time again can get a little bit dull. So it’s sort of split down the middle for me.

    I saw someone else here mention they wanna hear more about what people are hoarding. I think the same thing. I’m curious to know what everyone could possibly be hoarding with there petabytes of storage they have available to them.

    I’m very very knew to the data hoarding scene and I can’t wait to finish sorting through all the data I have and get it properly organised so that I can start hoarding some stuff I’m actually interested in getting ahold of

  22. This. Thank you for reminding.

    Especially because there is a sub for showing-off hardware.: r/homelabporn.

    But I guess you would get a remark there too of you just posted a pic of USB disks in a box…

  23. Agreed, just seeing drives in boxes they came in is kind of pointless. Doesn’t really add anything to the conversation, without adding more or well any info. Should be added to the rules.

  24. Reminds me of the people who post unrelated or tangentially related cat pics.

  25. This sub, and many others have devolved into a posting trend like you mentioned. Glorified instagram of people wanting validation. “Am I doing this right?”- No.

  26. Can we at the least use keywords or flairs with these fluff posts so I can filter them out? I use this for other subreddits and it works great.

    We indeed seem be hoarding a lot of these harddisk photos.

  27. When it’s something really notable like those 100TB SSDs or a really big or unusual NAS type install then that’s pretty interesting.

  28. A lot, if not all hobbyist subs have these types of submissions.

    Personally, i don’t understand why people want to show off their ordinary purchases. I am interested to see something weird, unusual, or extreme though.

  29. ​

    **Totally with you.**

    I would *love* to see more posts about actual builds, especially if it’s not an ugly gaming PC with RGB + a bunch of hard drives stuffed in them.

  30. I dunno, I like seeing first time buyers just getting into the hobby. Let them be enthusiastic. I just don’t need to hear about your 6th upgrade this year.

  31. As somebody who’s thinking of getting a server, how about telling me what OS you’re running, what you like about it, what killer feature it has, etc

  32. I am casually data hoarding. I only have a few TB of music and movies and such on some encrypted drives. But I am very interested in acquiring more.

    I am also interested in the file management side of it. I was searching for a tagging file system where filename isn’t the only indexable attribute, sort of what Reiser4fs was supposed to become before dude murdered someone.

    I have been using MusicBrainz Picard to tag my stuff, but then I switched to Linux, and the ` characters I used around Albums and Songs break the program. I was trying to find a removal script.

    I was also wondering about .opus files, and whether converting them would result in quality loss or make files larger without any benefit. But basically on principle having them all the same kind and consistency.

  33. Agreed! show us your config, show us your code, and show us how you manage sourcing, downloading and keeping things in order.

    But most of all, show us the horror (and solutions) when you almost lost an array.

  34. Agreed.

    “Woah these drives I purchased just arrived.” cool I guess

  35. I wish there were more posts about the actual data people are hoarding