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One of my hobbies is Mesoamerican (Aztec, Maya, etc) history and archaeology. With Adobe Flash being retired this week, many online 3d and GIS visualization tools for artifacts and site maps are going to go down. Is there any way I can rip and locally download them?

What the title says… I have no expirence dealing with ripping 3d content online, but I’d hate to see this data cease to be publicly accessable.

Some content in question:





http://research.famsi.org/3D_imaging/index.php (I’m having trouble navigating to other pages with 3d content beyond the main directory here, which complicates matters)

Ideally a guide on *how* to do it would be best, so if I find more I can do it on my own, but if somebody wants to also just rip what I have linked here for me instead/in adidtion, that would also be helpful.

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  1. It seems like it’s not complicated at all, it’s just a simple swf file

    Just navigate to the page in Firefox, select tools
    Page info – media – there should be one swf file

    Select save and it’s done

  2. If it’s still in flash it’s probably out of date, so…RIP?

  3. I’ve always said , “s american natives are the wokest most evolved fam gangs”

  4. I can’t help much but I know there are some attempts at automated conversion tools, though you still need to grab the content and convert it yourself.

    I wish you well and would appreciate if you let me know how you go as my wife is Mayan and I am trying to collect as much information about her culture to help me teach it to our five children so that they do not forget that part of their heritage given that they are growing up in Australia.

  5. As one pointed out using a virtual machine, if flash is standalone and only client side this would work.

    As in if the flash program doesn’t need to talk to the outside world back to a server.

    Client side is your computer and browser.

    A quick google tells me the flash can be coded to talk to a server, so if your app does this you may be shit out of luck unless they give you the server code too.

    On top of that you need to run the server which you need to delve into configuration and it seems like cold fusion (which is ancient server side web tech).

    An example of client side app is Diablo 2.

    An example of app that require to talk to the server is Diablo 3 where you need to be online to play Diablo 3. Which is wack as fuck.

  6. I think you can use Firefox, then right-click on the website, show website information and go to „Media“ then scroll down until you see an element called „object“ and check the metadata from it. If there‘s something like „flash“ then it’s a flash file of course. Download it and you can use it for example with the Flash Player Projector

  7. Commenting here because I’m starting a new minecraft build based on meso style structures. Getting some inspiration from the age of empires 2 and 3 models. This might help alit though.

  8. Did you try to download swf file via internet download manager?

  9. So Adobe has a Flash player disguised as a debugger here: https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html

    Which is just an offline Flash player, very useful. Then you can view the page source and look for files ending in .swf. I’d try this on a case by case basis for the first few, these seem like they need to be grouped in a local directory.

  10. Get in touch with the Flashpoint crew ( https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ ) they have lots of experience in preserving this kind of web content.

  11. I would certainly imagine the institutions linked have the raw data and images anyways? I would also contact the institution, people in university archives are almost certainly aware of what’s going with flash and will modernize what they have.

  12. To archive the data that is shown in the flash app needs to be done case by case. Can you link more sites? Putting together a list of such sites will allow us to work through them and figure them out.

  13. The [Internet Archive](http://blog.archive.org/2020/11/19/flash-animations-live-forever-at-the-internet-archive/) is emulating Flash content. Maybe try archiving the pages and see if their emulator works for that content.

  14. If you’re able to save the websites, also make sure you have several different versions of flash installs to use and a virtual machine to run them in if necessary

  15. Used to save similar content, but I’m currently on mobile, I’ll try to check out your content and tell you how to download it

  16. Is Flash *really* going down? I swear, I see “Flash is dead” stories like once every few months. For the last several years.