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Official: Epic Seagate Giveaway


The u/Seagate_Surfer team at Seagate has contact us about giving away a bunch of sweet stuff because they are totally awesome. This giveaway is for r/Datahoarder, r/homelab, and r/homelabsales.

## Prizes

**Grand Prize:** 16TB IronWolf Pro HDD and 480GB IronWolf 110 SSD + Seagate tshirt

**2nd Prize:** 14TB IronWolf HDD and 240GB IronWolf 110 SSD + Seagate tshirt

**3rd Prize:** 8TB IronWolf HDD + 240GB Ironwolf 110 SSD + Seagate tshirt

**4th Prize:** 240GB IronWolf 110 SSD + tshirt

## I want in!

Reply to this post once. Do not reply to another post. Do not reply to a cross-post. Do not reply to something over on r/funny. Do not reply more than once, including with alts. If you can’t figure it out, we can’t help you. Seagate asks people to please include #RunWithIronWolf and #Giveaway in your comment. [EDIT: As a suggestion for what to reply with, maybe write a bit about how you are using your storage and gear currently]

## Selection process/rules

1. One entry per person. Using alt accounts will result in a ban. New accounts are not eligible.
2. Thread is open until May 31, 2020, 11:59 PM UTC. We’ll let you figure out when that is in your own timezones.
3. We will create an export of all unique eligible users who have a top level comment (that is, replied to the post, and not to another commenter). Commenting more than once will not help you and may annoy us. Breaking the rules in your comment reply will get it removed and get you possibly banned.
4. From that export, we will randomly sort the list and grab the top 4 people. We will contact each of those 4 via PM on June 1st or 2nd.
5. Winners will have 48 hrs to get us their physical address and contact details for shipping (no po boxes).
6. Any person who does not reply in time loses their spot and everyone moves up a tier. For example the 3rd place person does not respond, so the 4th place person gets their prize, and the person 5th on the list moves up to 4.
7. We will give the list to Seagate and they will ship you your winnings directly.
8. We reserve the right to edit this post including this process and these rules without notice. This is reddit, after all.
9. While we did our best to verify the details here, this whole thing could be made up, in which case we all get nothing. But I am pretty sure this is for real.
10. **Copy/paste of who can participate:**

>Geographic restrictions: giveaway can include
>Canada (excluding Quebec); skills based question required when winner is selected
>Belgium; skills based question required when winner is selected
>South Korea
>New Zealand
>It would also be great if we could ask entries to include the hashtags #RunWithIronWolf and #Giveaway which helps us track how successful the activation is.


# Edit: Giveaway closed. Winners have been selected. We will be in touch, and announce the winners shortly!

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30 Yorumları

  1. Count me in please! This would be amazing. #RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway

  2. Would love to upgrade my terrible NAS with more storage #RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway

  3. This is an awesome contest! This is the kind of thing that would convince me to stop buying WD (well and the drives lasting longer) #giveaway #RunWithIronWolf

  4. TShirt giveaway! Also some drives !#RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway

  5. New Zealand is eligible but not Australia? How does that work. Makes no sense

  6. Already more data than storage! #RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway

  7. I’ve been running ironwolves in my desktop for years now. Bought them when they were the same price as WD reds and decided I liked the wolf on the box better. Now with all the SMR news, I sure am glad there is such awesome box art on ironwolf!

    #RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway

  8. Hello! I would like to win!

    #RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway

  9. aM i ThE rAnDoM wInNeR?

    **YeSsSs** — I aM tHe RaNdOm WiNnEr!

    *Yay!! ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou!!!* ? ?

    **#RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway**

  10. Seagate asks people to please include #RunWithIronWolf and #Giveaway in your comment.

  11. Super excited for this, can always use more storage! #Giveaway #RunWithIronWolf

  12. This is great! Count me in! #RunWithIronWolf #Giveaway