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New solution to hording flash drives.

New solution to hording flash drives.

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  1. Ahh, those Adata Superior S102’s.. I’ve lost a couple of those, still bummed i’ve lost those..

  2. If you use a Rubik’s cube and micro sd cards you can store like 13 per cap which is a lot of data if you have large micro as cards lol

  3. Maybe look into Easy2Boot? I used to have a similar collection, but consolidated everything to one 128gb usb 3.1 drive. Threw it on my lanyard and never looked back!

  4. I bought a case kinda designed for usb drives.

    And yes i need a new drive for every iso i use.

  5. What is hording? Is a transitional state between hoarding and holding?

  6. Nice idea! I saved a WD 3.5″ HDD box and I store all my flash drives in there. I swear, those drive boxes come in handy for so many things.

    If you hoard audio cassettes, tear the lid off the box and you can perfectly store two rows of cassette boxes in there. So nice.

  7. It’s not a hoard of USB pen drives until you can fill a small box with them.

    Yes, even the old ones I haven’t used since 2005.

    The old 128MB ones work quite well with Gotek floppy emulators though.

  8. I’ve only got like 20 flash drives but it’s a start

  9. I have a few of those Adata encryption drives. They work pretty well, couldn’t get them to play nice with Linux consistenly. Used Apricorn FIPS drives for that.

    Have you had any issues with them? I don’t use mine all that often to have any long term feedback.

  10. You know what sucks about my collection? They are all the same black and red drives from SanDisk, and they all look exactly the same.

    It’s important for them to look different, so you can tell which is which, at a glance.

    I’ve tried labeling them with a white label sticker, but it’s just not the same, and it looks shitty.

    I wish SanDisk sold lots of different colours and shapes.

    Once, I found a three-pack of TDK drives, all in different colours (red, blue, and black). That was cool because I could instantly tell them apart. I kept movies and pictures on them, and TDK is/was a media company, so the brand seemed to fit the content.

    Amazon is pretty skint on “USB combo packs” of multiple drives in different colours like this.

    They have one, but it’s from a no-name brand. I ordered it, and they’ve worked out well so far, but I don’t trust them as much as SanDisks.

  11. Is it just me or does anyone really buy that many flash drives anymore? Unless, they are into tech servicing and shit, I guess.

  12. I would actually like one of those for some of my tools

  13. [I have something similar for SD cards](https://i.imgur.com/0bkhsBI.jpg), except this case is explicitly designed for them.

  14. I wish I could find something like this for RAM sticks and M.2 drives

  15. It must be nice to have a manageable amount of flash drives and no psychological hang up to throwing old ones away. I swear Im gonna use those 512mb drives for something.

  16. I so need to do this, I’ve got random flash and hard drives all over the place

  17. Hope you have backups of all the contents, I’ve had many flash drives just kinda randomly die, losing the data on them.

  18. So I am considering getting a small pelican case with a couple sandisk extreme portables. For backup of family photos/videos. What do you guys think?

  19. Good idea. I’ve been looking at flash drive wallets but haven’t found one I like yet. I don’t have many but I’d like to keep them together, along with a few SD and Micro SD cards. I think Lowes sells these empty Dewalt cases for about $10.

  20. This is what qualifies as hording? There is space tween the rows and not much in stacks!