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New Server Day

New Server Day

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44 Yorumları

  1. I’ve got one of these running with Debian 10 on btrfs RAID1. Very nice.

  2. I got one of these awesome little Gen8 as my main NAS.

    Running TrueNAS core from a 16GB USB-drive mounted in the internal USB port, also maxed out with 16GB RAM.

    4x8TB IronWolf drives for storage.

  3. And so begins the exodus of all the data into the promised land.

  4. They definitely have their shortcomings, but I absolutely love that form factor. Been running my G4 for a few years, and would honestly look at a couple more down the road. Silent, reliable, and just that little bit of *neat* factor that my towers/rack servers just can’t provide.

  5. Oh nice, a well-aged MS G8. I own two, one of which is broken (tried to fix, but motherboard is ded unfortunately).

    If you’re still open to suggestions on which OS to put onto it, i’d really recommend getting a hypervisor so that you maintain your flexibility. I run ESXi 6.7u3 on them, which is free for personal use but lacks the vSphere API for usage in backing up the VMDK’s directly. Having a hypervisor would still allow you to install Windows 10 onto it to rip DVD’s and such.

  6. This looks like a pretty nice little server; am very new to datahoarding, though.

    Would you recommend an HP Proliant Gen8 or another model, vs. an Intel NUC? Anyone have any recommendations where to buy them in the UK (eBay looks a little dodgy)?

  7. What is the hidden code in this one’s vent holes?

  8. My server runs stock Ubuntu 20.04 with 60 TB of ZFS in RAID-Z1. Samba is used for filesharing. I also run Plex as a media server. Even though it’s for Unraid, Level1Techs has a good guide on ZFS setup:


  9. Love the toolkit ? I wish you many happy years with it through multiple drive upgrades!

  10. I can’t find a server that isn’t overpriced- what is that HP server called?

  11. I ran an N40L with OpenMediaVault for the better part of five years, have recently (12mths) upgraded to the Gen8 with four shucked 10TB drives and an SSD. It’s running xpenology off a flash drive which has been interesting.

    I upgraded it to Xeon CPU and 16GB RAM so I can run a VM from the SSH when required – I did this for the same reasons as you familiar with Windows for utility purposes, but didn’t want to run a whole other server. Anything ‘nix based seems to be the go to for storage but sometimes is hard to work with when things break or you want to do something outside the box.

    iLo is a gamechanger too. These servers are too good. I have a second one sitting on a shelf for when mine dies.

  12. Great stuff! Can I ask how much your sever cost and where you bought it from?

  13. Amazing! You’ll love it.
    I upgraded mine to a Xeon with 16GB of RAM. It’s been running xpenology with 4x10TB disks for about a year. Multiple docker containers, Plex, Windows 10 virtualised. It’s a great machine!

  14. The G8 was such a great product and I guess that’s why it had to die. I still have two of them running as NAS boxes with FreeBSD+ZFS.

    Runs great with a Xeon E3-1230v2 though I think it’s a bit out of spec.

    As far as I can know, the new ones are not worth buying.

  15. Nice, i have 2 of these and really would like a 3rd but the prices have shot up to ridiculous levels.. what did you pay for yours?

    Btw, you can replace the CPU in this with a Xeon E31265L which fives a massive performance boost over the stock CPU.

  16. I have one of these and love it. It’s running my plex backup, and most of my storage. I’m running server 2016, used an adapter and tucked an SSD on top of the optical drive. I’m using 2x raid1 just due to drive sizes, will probably move to raid10. The xeon upgrade was a game-changer, well worth the money.

    I only have 8gb memory but it works for what I need it for now. 16gb is maxed out – chipset limitation.

    I wish you could still get something like this – low power cpu, Nas footprint but a full fledged server. Nas units probably ate the segment up and the move to cloud for many small businesses finished it.

  17. Oh nice, i have the same one and also the same drives 😀
    And yeah like others already did, i would recommend unraid too!

  18. I just got one of these myself. Where can you grab BIOS updates for it?

  19. Is that the proliant gen8, I’ve been running the same server with unraid since 2015, it’s solod

  20. UPDATE: I want to thank everyone for their kind words and suggestions, and for the number of upvotes this post has got (I’m super grateful). A lot of people have suggested I try Unraid, so that will be the first thing I do. I have an SSD I am going to swap with the slim DVD drive. Thanks again.

  21. This is the same as mine. I’ve had mine running for nearly 7 years. This little guys a beast. I added an ssd for the OS to get maximum usage out of the hdds. The only thing I did was add more ram, it’s been an amazing little server.

  22. I use unraid on mine and love it.
    If you are more of a Windows guy, but want to try your hand at virtualisation, HyperV server is free also. Not saying it’s the best option, but it is a viable Windows-based option.

  23. $82 for 2 TB. Jesus.

    Is that what iron wolfs are going for these days?

  24. These things are great and almost silent, even with the beefy CPU I put in mine. I bought one about 6 years ago with the G1610T and 2GB RAM for £149.99 and £60 cashback. (That’s a final price of £90 which is insane value for money!).

    It’s now maxed with a Xeon E3-1265L V2, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD in the DVD Drive bay, 4x3TB WD Red drives in RAID 5.

    It started life as a NAS running Windows Server 2012 R2 but when I ran out of space I bought a QNAP NAS and now run ESXi on the Gen8 for a small lab and a few VMs for daily use such as PiHole, NGINX, Node-Red, Plex, and a few others.

    One modification I did was to add a fine wire mesh [(like this)](https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06Y3Z6D99/) in the door as a dust filter. IIRC, there are screws on the inside of the door which split it to an inner and outer part. Cut the mesh to shape, put the door back together, and put it back on the server. Mine runs very close to the carpet so gets quite fluffy.

  25. Just received my new Thecus N7710 this week. It is basically a 7 bays even more upgradable than the microserver.
    – No 16 Go limit – but 32Go,
    – higher TDP allowed. Even though I will downgrade to the G1610T of the gen8
    – msata slot available for the boot drive (thecus firmware is on a 1Gb dom that apparently just need to be removed).

  26. I’m hooked on the Microserver gen8 as well whilst waiting for gen10 plus to drop in price.

    Have 5 of these running and been rock stable.
    Only downsize it the 16Gb limit for virtualisation.

    If you want a NAS focused device with ZFS support and ability to run containers consider TrueNAS Scale.

  27. I love these little guys. They’re compact, relatively quiet, and most have two 1gb Ethernet ports. My unsolicited suggestions:

    1. Get yourself a low profile m.2 PCIe card and a smaller m.2 SSD (256GB is cheap and good). Use this as your boot drive. This lets you use all four 3.5″ bays for storage.

    2. Wait for a deal on some large external drives and shuck them. You’ll get the best storage bang for your buck.

    3. Personally I’ve got Linux on mine with ZFS (raid-z) for the storage drives. I would recommend this config if asked. There’s lots of reasons for ZFS over other options but go with whatever you want.

    4. If you’re ripping to the server use your boot SSD as a scratch disk. Rip your media to it and once it’s done transfer to the RAID storage. This goes double if you’re downloading torrents or the like, the SSD will so much better for that sort of random write performance than the spinning rust.

    5. I just use a USB disc drive for ripping DVDs and CDs and left the low profile disc drive slot empty.

    6. I think all the various configs of these support ECC memory. While it costs a bit more I would go with as much ECC memory as you can afford and will fit. Mine only have two RAM slots which I think is true of most of the models. The less opportunity for bit flips means less opportunity for undetected data corruption (hence ZFS).

  28. I ran a Xeon in one of these. VMware, ssd’s, 20x machines. Was a beast.

  29. Damn I love that iFixit kit. Been my trusty ally for at least 6 years now.

  30. Haha I’ve got one of these sitting upstairs, I bought it years back and set it up for a family member. They’ve upgraded to a Synology so gave it back.

    I need to figure out another use for it as I already have a Synology

  31. A while back there were a ton of really good mods for this box. 2.5drive bays, a fan connector so you could hook up a noctua fan for really quiet operation, and I think you can upgrade this to a quad core xeon. These are a great little box.

  32. Gen8 Microservers are amazing. They aren’t made for years but back when they where new, you could get them for 200 – 220 Euro in a base config. At that price point, it would beat every Synology or QNAP in every way. They are still an excellent choice for a DIY NAS today.

  33. Congratulations! Is it your first build? I want one of these as they’re soo small!

  34. [Small world. I got this baby yesterday. I just finished cleaning it (it smelled like an ashtray)](https://i.imgur.com/Pr1dpbr.jpg)

    Hope you get 99.9% up time!

  35. As a sff pc hobbyist, I bet people would really like that server enclosure over in r/sffpc

  36. Breaths in deeply… Yeah that fresh server smell, before it picks up any dust.