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New NAS server coming online today! 16x 4 TB ZFS

New NAS server coming online today! 16x 4 TB ZFS

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  1. Is it a close fit with that cpu cooler? I’m planning on a similar case, but not to sure on the cooler yet.

  2. you use plex offline? I am stuggling to get it to work offline

  3. I have the same case (the outside part anyway) but it came with different hdd cages. Does yours have fans on front as well or just behind the drives? I’d like to replace mine with something like this because the flow is really poor in the middle of the case so you have the 2 tiny rear fans and the CPU fan doing the bulk of the work.

  4. 40mm fan blowing the wrong direction on those HBA heat sinks. They’re meant to have air blowing in from the other direction.

  5. I have a plex pc for video/images. I take. Thrn other is for normal content. Main spec pc
    32 cores
    128gb ram
    8tb spin drive
    1.5 th as a raid. Set up
    500gb m.2 6gb read,write
    Dual 580s 8gb

  6. I’m thinking of building something like this too. How much did this all cost you? Cost is the biggest problem for me.

  7. What OS? Also please 4×4 z1 config means you have 4 pools of 12tb usable each, correct?

  8. Can they work together natively in unison or do you have to merge them using softraid?

  9. Watch those cages. I just had one fail and I have to replace it. Costs around 50 bucks.

  10. Is that a double slot RAID card or two separate ones? What’s the brand/model?

  11. I used one of those Rosewill 4U cases for four years. Terrific case.

  12. How is the stablity of the case after removing the cross-bar? I have the same one and I’d like to be able to fit a full-size graphics card in there.

  13. Whats your drive configuration look like? How many vdevs and whatnot?

  14. Ha, this is basically what I just built. What are your read/write speeds like? I’m getting 2.5GB/sec write and 1.5GB/sec read on sequential data, really not bad.

  15. Didn’t know that Ryzen is sold in a bucket. TIL.

  16. I’ve been trying to put something like this together but I’ve never done anything with server hardware so I never know if I’m missing something. Can you share your parts list?

  17. How are all those drives staying cool? What are the temps of the drives like?

  18. For people who build their own, how do you monitor the ZFS so you get notified if its degraded? Do you manually log in and check the syslogs? If not, what monitoring software do you use and how does it notify you? It’s not practical for me to set up a monitor script and smtp server and test it out. But if you don’t monitor it, your whole array could be lost if you didn’t catch failed drive in time.

  19. Pardon my ignorance, but why such a big video card for a NAS?

  20. I have ~~that~~ a similar Rosewill case. It’s a good value, but every time I have to swap/add a drive I regret not spending more.

    Edit: To clarify, I have a 4U Rosewill case (RSV-L4500) that looks just like that case but doesn’t support hot swapping. I now realize that OP’s case does have hot swap bays. I’d guess it’s the RSV-L4412

  21. Nice. Specs ? Im looking at building a plex server but I keep going back and forth between buying a synology ds2419+ or just building my own. I just like the simplicity and the look of the synology. Dont have the space for a rack or anything like that.