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New Egg has WD Elements 10TB USB 3.0 at $154.99 in case you don’t need more drives

New Egg has WD Elements 10TB USB 3.0 at $154.99 in case you don’t need more drives

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47 Yorumları

  1. …still waiting for BB to drop those sweet 14TB drives to $200…

  2. Damn out of stock that’s why you never sleep on the element deals

  3. I’ll be honest i’ve been a lurker for awhile, but yesterday i got my first 10TB easystore drive. WOOT. i’ve had a 3tb hard drive for awhile, but it finally got full. Cant wait to more hard drives. WOOT!!!

  4. Just out of curiosity, are they any affordable 3.5 inch hdds that are powered by USB c? I’m looking to transitioning to one cable for all my devices.

  5. I’ve got a number of these drives that are set to idle down to zero, and I find them frustrating having to wait 7 seconds for them to spin-up.

  6. That’s a lot of data in one egg. Lost a lot of stuff when my 3TB drive died. Now I’m wondering perhaps multiple 2TB drives might be better.

  7. Holding out for the 14tb to go on sale again.

  8. Damn am I glad I caught the 12 TB BestBuy deal the other day.

  9. Sold out. Bought the 12TB for $218 but coupon code not valid.

  10. Assuming this is USA, isn’t $15/TB in USD the norm? Why is everyone jumping on this for 15.50/tb? It’s Newegg to make matters worse (I actually don’t know how good they are in the US but they’re pretty hated in Canada now)

  11. Why is a 600ml bottle of coke more expensive than a 2L from the store?

    It’s the same thing.

  12. I was told those drive use a proprietary interface and you can’t salvage the drive to make it an internal drive. is it true ?

    Ok nevermind the question … only valid for USA. [NewEgg.ca](https://NewEgg.ca) don’t have such a promotion and the .com can’t ship to canada.

  13. Are the 10TB drives still all helium? I thought I heard somewhere they aren’t all helium anymore. Just curious what everyone’s experiences have been.

  14. Is it in us ? Because here in canada it’s 320.00 + 7 shipping …

    What is the price per tb I should look for ? (In cad thanks)

  15. Need? Since when does need really matter when it comes to a good deal for n some storage. Are we not hoarders, after all?

  16. Okay, self, 3x4TB WD Reds in UNRAID is enough, you’re barely using half of that as it is…

  17. for the love of god.. i just blew 1k for 2 cards… my wallet can only handle so much….

  18. i’d wait on the $145 my book deal from last week, $10 cheaper and 1 year more warranty

  19. Would these drives work OK if I purchased 2 of them and installed them in a 2 bay raid enclosure?

  20. Aren’t these the ones that need a power oin to be covered?

  21. I wish Canada got even half the amount of sales the US does, we barely get any for hard drives and they’re already so much more expensive over here

  22. I just bought 3 8tb yesterday for around the same price! What is this life?

  23. I question the choices I’ve made when I think to myself “10TB? Eh, not really worth the space for a drive that small.”

  24. Anyone ever got it delivered outside North America? Can NewEgg do it?

  25. They had My Books for the same price last week (with a code). Had a white label in it with no need to cover any pins.

  26. What’s the difference between these and Easystores?

  27. How is the WD Elements different from the WD EasyStore?

  28. Darn it, and i ‘just’ got a 10tb my book for 159! Not a bad price but 154 is even better. the 10tb my book was fine though. its a wd white, EZAZ.

  29. I’m still holding out hope to get some at $120 again

  30. JUST in time. as usual. WD always coming in clutch with the shuckie sales. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Anyone know what drives are in these? Red equivalent?

  32. So when do we think a government is going to get around to this price fixing scheme?
    I mean I know this has been discussed a million times, but enclosed hard drives that are cheaper than on their own?
    Why is this downvoted guys it’s just a question…