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Never shucked but considering trying with this years black friday deals, do the Easystores generally contain the same drives?

I’ve held off on finally putting together a server for over a year now because of the Chia price plague. I’m considering pulling the trigger with the current Easystore prices, but even with the sale spending ~$1000 at once has me hesitating slightly. Do the Easystores generally contain the same drive? Is it a gamble on whether or not, for example, it’s a 7200 RPM drive, etc.?

Sorry for what’s probably a very basic question, I’ve been trying to find out but all of my googling seems to turn up basic “how to shuck” pages on clickbait tech sites.

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4 Yorumları

  1. Nowadays you’ll pretty much always find “white label” drives inside Easystores. They’re labeled “internal use only”. (If I may be pedantic, installing the drive in my NAS is “internal use”… but in an external enclosure, it’s decidedly not “internal” :D)

    White labels are fine, there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact I believe the whites are still the same physical hardware as the WD Reds, and the white label is simply to prevent people from shucking and reselling as bare Red drives. (Early Easystores from a few years ago actually often did contain a WD Red drive.) In fact I think any helium-filled WD drive is basically the same mechanism today, the only differences are in firmware and in warranty coverage. So reliability should be just fine.

    They’re 7200RPM, even if they report as 5400RPM. Sequential read performance can exceed 200MB/sec. Shucked Easystores remain a great choice for NAS use, especially considering the cost.

  2. I got two myself, and they perform the same, though I didn’t check their model numbers.

    As far as shucking guides, this is one: https://www.truenas.com/community/threads/easystore-drive-shucking-like-a-pro-by-a-pro.89002/

    and this is the one i followed: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=71TIjrCl9RY

  3. I purchased 8 14TB Easystores at BestBuy and the model of the internal drive was WD140EDGZ and crystal disk picked them all up as 7200rpm. I purchased from 2 separate locations as well and they were all the same drive. One more thing, none of these drives required the 3v “mod” and were able to be used just like normal HDDs on windows 10 and TrueNAS Core. Also, it might just be that I have the 8 drives mounted on rubber, but they are pretty quiet too even during migrating ~6TB of data from my old drives.

    Make sure to test the drives in their enclosure in case you need to return a bad one. Test then shuck, at least how I do it.

    The disassembly (shucking) process is pretty simple on these drives and there are plenty of youtube videos on how to do it in about 5 mins.

    If you have any other questions just ask and Ill try to help you out.

  4. They’re all 7200 RPM. At least the larger capacity ones (8TB+), even if they report as 5400 RPM. They’ve been proven to be 7200 RPM through frequency analysis.

    There tends to be the same “model number” of drive (ie. WD140EDGZ) if you buy them around the same time. But there’s multiple model numbers out there for each capacity. They all perform similarly regardless. I have four 8TB, two 10TB, about 12 12TB, 8 14TB and all are 7200 RPM. On 12 and 14TB especially with a fresh drive I can easily exceed 200 MB/sec when reading/writing to outer edge of disk.