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NAS suggestions

EDIT: Added TLDR to bottom of post.

I am considering an NAS and am looking for advice. I currently have quite the mess and am trying to organize more. Sorry for the babbling and likely extra info.

Current setup:

PC 1 i9-9900, 32GB RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD, 2x16TB Seagate drives running Plex server. Also running Hyper-V machine running Sonarr, Radarr, etc.

PC 2 (sort of back up PC) i7-4790k, 16GB, 500GB SATA SSD, 2x16TB drives running backup Plex server.

The first large drive in each PC has Movies, and all my other personal data (documents , pictures, music, etc and the second has TV shows and temp download storage.

Depending on the type of content, I sometimes collect 2160p AND a lower res version (TV and movies) for devices like tablets.

I had been syncing the PCs via RoboCopy until I think one got corrupt and then messed up the other files. I had previously been hacked (foolish left RDP open) and lost a lot of data so I set this method up, but something got corrupted on PC2 and was copied back to PC1.

I know NAS is not backup, but I’m looking for something to help organize and with some resilience. The stuff I really care about (personal data) will probably be moved to M.2 on PC1 and backed up to NAS and cloud.

I was thinking about a 4-5 bay NAS (synology?) and maybe slapping some 8TB drives in there to get some data moved over, then either get some more 8s and have some strong redundancy across three devices or moving some 16s in there after copying their data to the 8s.

I am partially going on the assumption that I can’t put drives with existing data into the NAS.

Also, the 32TBs (2×16) are mostly full. There are some duplicate files that I need to weed through but I’m not sure how much room I will make. So much disorganization.

Trying to stick to Windows if possible. I don’t want to put my data on something that I have to learn and risk messing it up because I configured something wrong or mistyped a command or something like that.

Bonus for being able to upgrade drives without too much hassle. So if I put 5 8TB drives in, later I could swap them one or two at a time for 16TBs and gain storage over time without having to back everything up somewhere else and rebuild.



Approximately 32 TB of data.

Currently on four 16 TB drives, two each in a PC.

Looking for organization solutions.

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  1. Have you looked at nas killer? They are on reddit and have their own site. They give you detailed lists of what you could need etc, including prices and how to work the software.