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My (very budget) 29tb Set Up

My (very budget) 29tb Set Up

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  1. Sonarr exists…

    And even if you abhor the thought or letting software handle that for you, I’m a big proponent of a flat file structure. What does nesting by first-letter get you? You could otherwise sort them in Finder by name and skip to the desired letter with a single keystroke, or if you’re a CLI purist you could more effectively use grep (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) on a flat structure.

  2. I was just about to applaud the Starcraft 2 homescreen.

  3. I wonder how much of this sub is dedicated to backing up crap downloaded from usenet.

  4. You could probably get better performance with 2 USB hubs plugged into both USB ports of your laptop, and then whatever other USB things (keyboard, mouse, etc) into either of the 2 hubs

  5. At first glance, I thought my man had broken out some lines underneath those two externals in front of the MacBook.

  6. How are you backing up your data with this method of archival? External drives are very unreliable.

  7. New Folder 1


    So at what point do you decide you’d be better with a server?

  8. Out of curiosity what does everyone else do with the spare 1Tb hard drives they have lying around from old laptops and computers?

    I have about 4 now with at least one being around 8 years old and still going strong on crystal disk. So far they’re in my PC and I use them for storage and games that don’t need faster access but I don’t trust them enough for data due to their age.

    So my options are
    A) get a case that has more drive slots and an add in card for more sata ports or
    B) find a rack NAS solution on the cheap or
    C) keep doing what I’m doing and just keep them as paper weights in a drawer which annoys me…

  9. Looks like you need freenas/truenas in your life.

  10. Why make a folder for every letter of the alphabet though? Wouldn’t it be easier if you just let them be in one big folder and then sort alphabetically?

  11. looks like my mess.

    had tons of dvd … well still but not a 100 rack anymore.

    also tons of external and small hdd.

    broke down and bought some 4tb and up drives. all fit on those now…

    but i still need to build a filer server to store everything and more. but am limited in knowledge of that. learning but no where near fast as i want.

  12. I use MusicBrainz Picard to do 95% of my sorting and tagging, and Fre:ac to convert it all to Opus. I’ve been preparing to switch over to Linux.

    Currently at 60k songs, and interested in finding more sources.

  13. 27TB Porn
    2TB Music & movies & windows install & programs

  14. Get a label maker, man. That sharpie is *horrible*…

  15. Just making sure you remember your name is on your computer screen. Otherwise cool system if it works for your situation.

  16. Pictured left to right:

    -4TB WD Blue in an RSTech case virtual raid for backup with a 2.5” 4TB Toshiba external for Movies

    -8TB Seagate Barracuda manually backed up by a JBOD array of (2) 4TB 2.5” Toshiba External for TV Shows

    -A 1 TB Seagate 2.5” Barracuda in an Orico USB-C external case for Music and General Purpose backed up by a 1TB 2.5” Toshiba external

    -Lastly, a 2TB WD Elements drive (by far my favorite 2.5” external hard dive model of all time, I ran one for almost 9 years with constant drops and abuse before it failed on me) for Time Machine Backups and Managing my iTunes Library

    I have 500GB Evo SSD in my computer.
    Also in the picture, one 256 GB sandisk flash drive, unpictured are 7 more indentical flash drives.

    I do not like network storage and just use these when I need them, hence the USB hub. I prefer taking what I need, when needed on flash drives and putting those in the various devices I am using. It cuts down run time of my hard drives to maybe a couple hours a month and I have gotten years out of many lesser drives using this method. Plus cold, network-free storage means no possible peering eyes ?

    Also rocking a mid 2012 Mac I’ve had since 2012 and modified many times (since you could still do this back in the day and why I hold it dear to me today and refuse to upgrade until the hardwired CPU fries)