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My offsite backup!

My offsite backup!

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  1. Hmm… such a elaborate storage case when amazon ships them in a cardboard box…

    Couldn’t you save money by wrapping the hard disk in a grocery bag then chucking into a cardboard box with some strips of loose fill paper? /s

  2. Preparing the porn stash for a nuclear winter

  3. Who here has a safety deposit box? I offload 5-6 times a year a dump of photos from my personal library as well from my mother, father and grandparents just for safe keeping. This is on top of nightly backups to an internal backup drive and weekly/monthly backups to drives placed in fireproof safes. Some I pull over the internet and do myself (grandparents not much changes here, and when a large change does, I was probably on the trip so just take before we part ways) while my father and father-in-law help facilitate the infrastructure I set up for the reaming households. This really does help me sleep at night.

  4. No solar flare protection? You’re playing with fire… Or rather, literally the sun.

  5. I’m thinking of doing something similar, but with external harddrives. Do you think I’d need the antistatic bags? Or does the harddrive enclosure provide enough protection?

  6. I’m doing the same thing, but keep the drives the the Dell cages.

    Disks are all encrypted, so no worries keeping a case of disks at my parents house and rotating backup disk sets through every few months.

  7. See, I’ve got a suitcase of hard drives, but they’re externals in a soft computer bag, and if I labeled them it would have to just be “LVM 1/8”.

  8. With offsite back ups, do you just swap out a drive on a regular basis? Or how do you manage it to stop accidental loss?

  9. Line it with a conductive material and make it into a faraday cage as well.

  10. Unless those anti-static bags are still sealed, I’m pretty sure they don’t work anymore

  11. I bet you feel like James Bond when you open the case

  12. I’ve got two similar things like this that i use myself, I would reccomend both of them.

    an Icy Box 60779 which holds 5×3.5″ + a bunch of SSD’s,
    and an Orico 20 Bay case which holds 20×3.5″ drives (it’s quite heavy when full!)

  13. Nice!

    I’ve got something similar with *inserts* like this:


    The drives just go right in the foam, which is nice as I (try to) inspect (`zfs scrub`) my drives more often than your schedule.

    My case is just a cheap plastic portable file box tho. That’s definitely one area for potential upgrades!

  14. Where offsite, like a friends house or something. Sorry you may not want to reveal, just wondering.

  15. what kinda data is backed up here? very cool setup.

  16. I joined this sub out of curiosity, and because I enjoy archiving and reading about information that I find interesting.

    My question is what sort of info are most people storing? 16 TB seems like a lot!

    Edit: thank you all for the amazing input! It has been a pleasure to read about different categories of information and content that is stored

  17. This is so great!

    What is your interface for connecting the drives to your system? USB/Sata connector or external reader of some sort?

  18. I’d put a desiccant packet inside each anti-static bag that’s storing a drive. I realize that would make a bulge in the bag that might make closing the clam-shell cases difficult, but that’s the best location for them if you can do it.

    *Edit – downvotes? Really?*

  19. This is an awesome idea. How do you “check” the backups? Just ensure the data you expect to be there is there?

    Are they raw file backups, images, etc?

  20. This is what I eventually need to get around to doing. I’m currently using Dropbox as my off-site backup but it’s more reassuring knowing you can physically check up on it. That case setup looks like it could endure a natural disaster and then some.

  21. First off, let me say… I understand that hard drives don’t last forever and that they need to be checked regularly, I get that.

    This backup is maintained and checked every 6 months, as well, I have a complete 3-2-1 backup setup, so I’m not super worried.

    * The foam insert is from [mycasebuilder.com](https://mycasebuilder.com), it ran like $115 and is amazing!
    * [Drive enclosures](https://www.newegg.com/orico-php-5s/p/1B0-0003-000F6) we’re like $5 each.
    * [Anti-static bags](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQMRD8F?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details) were $10 for 50.
    * I also have [silica gel](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0922KSG35?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details) from Amazon, which was like $5.