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My mother just passed away. She wrote extensively on this website. What can I do to archive everything she wrote?

Hey guys, my mother just passed away a few days ago from heart surgery. I always knew that she used to write in this one website. She has around 1400 entries that I want to archive, on the off chance that the website goes down. What’s the best way to save her articles and stuff? I want to get around to reading them one day.

Here’s a link to her stuff:


I tried using archive.org, but it only saves the main URL.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

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26 Yorumları

  1. Your mom is an amazing blogger. The way she writes her thoughts and the writing style she uses; I looked at her blog for over an hour. There are recurring people that really love to talk to her and you can tell she was very loved in the community. A very grateful, generous person, who didn’t even take her lemon water for granted. I’m going to think of her every time I drink it.

    My condolences. Your mom trusted God and he *will* take care of her. She raised a wonderful, caring son, who will treasure her entries. Her words will go on forever.

  2. Damn, her last post is harrowing.

    > I trust my surgeons. They are all so good and nice to me. My cardiologist here explained to me that the surgery is considered routine and simple, because the success rate is 99%. He also said I may live until 80y/o.

  3. Hi, I am very sorry for your loss. Preserving her writings is an excellent way to preserve her memory, I work in the Wayback Machine’s team at the Internet Archive, I will make sure all of your mother’s posts are properly archived.

  4. My Condolences bro, I have a lot recordings from my mother in messengers and in other social networks. I know its a bit strange to think this way, but we all die some day. Your post made me think towards archiving everything that related to my mother. I understand you more than anyone. God bless your mother!

  5. It’s super awesome that you have this archieve of your mother’s thoughts and experiences over the years.

    I wish my dad did more writing so I could go back and read them.

  6. So sorry for your loss.

    There have been some great efforts already in terms of people saving all of the posts as PDFs, in case it’s handy having access to the plain text I’ve gone ahead and extracted that. I’ve saved them as markdown so you can view them easily on GitHub, e.g. [with this post](https://github.com/AyrtonB/MyLot/blob/main/posts/2862997.md). I’ve also separately saved all of the photos contained in the posts. In total there were 1425 posts and with the images saved in their original resolution the total size is 1.2 GB.

    I’ve currently made this a [public GitHub repository](https://github.com/AyrtonB/MyLot) (but please let me know if you would rather it were private). If anyone else feels inclined to expand on this work please feel free to add a PR (currently the main issue is that I don’t retrieve more than 20 top-level comments and none of the nested comments).

  7. I just want to say thank you all for your suggestions and help. I’m not actually a part of this community, but I’ve been looking everywhere for a method to save my mother’s posts. For now, I think I’ll go with /u/atymic’s method and download the pdfs he made of my mom’s posts.

    I plan to read through all of them when I can, and eventually, share it to my mom’s former students and friends if they want to give it a read, too.


  8. I just wanted to tell you that your mom sounded like an awesome person and the community she was a part of feels super wholesome. Reading her posts reminded me that there’s still good things out there in this world, and I needed that. Thanks.

  9. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not an experienced python programmer but i managed to have a list of all posts, you should be able to use httrack (or other utilities like wget) to download each post from this list [https://0bin.net/paste/GEpCYGbT#uankdYWTKT1sLDAXxRsQqCfGzSPuJBGexYAWXf6ty4U](https://0bin.net/paste/GEpCYGbT#uankdYWTKT1sLDAXxRsQqCfGzSPuJBGexYAWXf6ty4U)

  10. At first, my condolence for your loss. I can scrape all the discussions (also responses, mentions etc if you like) and save them in any format you like. Can you tell me exactly how do you want these to be saved?

    I do programming for fun so don’t worry about paying or anything. It’s on the house.

    Edit: I don’t have much on hand right now, so I believe I can do it in a day.

  11. Hey mate, condolences from australia. I’m writing a scraper to save every article to PDF for you right now ?

    Edit: It’s finished and running ?‍? https://cln.sh/GVI9xU0AfBtfgqWWnO4P

    Edit 2: Looks like it’s gonna be about 4.5gb, about 3mb per pdf (lots of them have images). I’ll throw it up on my google drive, but out internet is mega slow here in straya ?

    Edit 3: Google Drive ? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FiLcErDKW26QQTO63q8GJUI1MHJotB7i?usp=sharing

    Edit 4: Thanks for all the golds, not sure if /u/anthonyridad would accept it but it would be awesome if you all could help him out (not that he’s posted any way to donate) ?

    Edit 5: Github link to the code for those interested: https://github.com/atymic/mylot-article-scraper

  12. Have no suggestions but am terribly sorry for your loss

  13. If I was at my PC I’d archive all of this for you into a zip using HTTrack, that’s what you should use. Very sorry for your loss, and preserving her writings is an excellent way to preserve her memory. Make sure you have several backups of such an important thing, I just lost an external drive the other day (freezes computer when plugged in, I/O error) I didn’t get around to backing up and lost many years of photos of a passed individual.

  14. I have no advice, I just want to say I’m so sorry for your loss.

  15. Really sorry for you loss – I’m glad you have her writings available to keep her spirit alive.

    Apart from the excellent suggestions posted here already, I’d honestly just try to reach out to the site owners to see if they can get you a direct export from their database. If there’s no way to contact them or support on that site, you could try looking at who owns the domain name.

  16. My condolences. I have to do a lot of scraping of websites for my job, so I’m pretty sure I could write a script that will pull in every page that’s linked from the url you provided.

    I will have a look at getting everything up and running this weekend if you’d like.

    Edit: /u/atymic came trough like a champ

  17. My condolences. I lost my parents a decade ago, and it still hurts.

    > I tried using archive.org

    I did too, but tried https://www.mylot.com/ridingbet instead, with “Save outlinks” via https://web.archive.org/save which got some more content.

    That site is not very scrape-friendly, but there are a bunch of other tools you can use that should be able to simulate a browser: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_software_saving_Web_pages_for_offline_use

    If you open the developer tools in your browser, pick the network tab, toggle only HTML, and then scroll down on that page, you’ll see the page fetching URLs like


    and plug those into https://web.archive.org/save as you see them.

  18. Httrack. You can download the whole website as HTML files.

  19. A simple way would be wget however it might get more than you want. I python script might more specific.

    I’m no expert, but felt for you and was compelled to reply