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My Home Setup with 350tb

My Home Setup with 350tb

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33 Yorumları

  1. Thanks so much for so much featback! My next Upgrade are 10x 12tb hdds to throw out the Synology as my Backup. My wife say i am Crazy. But i love my Servers.

  2. Bro, thats sick! I love it and I’m kinda jealous 😀

  3. I think I’m about to cry! That is just so freaking amazingly beautiful! I wish I had the money to set something like that up! Large capacity hard drives are just sooo freaking expensive!

  4. I thought I had a lot of storage with my measly 100tb setup.

  5. I’ve got 2 of those NetApp shelves too. Did you upgrade the controllers to IOM6 modules? I only run one of them right now, because power consumption and only one of them has IOM6 controllers. Was thinking about doing 1 controller in each and daisy chaining them though…

  6. Oh man, that looks freaking awesome dude. I did have a few questions if it’s not too much.

    I know those are netapp disk shelfs, and I see a server at the top (dell 1U), then the HP, are you using UnRaid with a external SAS card hooking all of that together for that?

    Second picture, on your synologys, what are the USB externals for? Are they part of your array on the synlogys?

  7. Awesome setup!! lots of room for 4k hdr movies, and the space taking 4k hdr tv shows!!

  8. I’m digging the cabinet. I would like something smaller like that, but it seems to be hard to find half racks with glass doors. What is yours?

  9. NICE RACK! 😉

    Funny thing is come visit this in ten years and that much storage will affordably fit in an 8 bay NAS.

  10. Are those old ntap DS4246 shelves? Never seen them used on anything except a FAS. We’ve got like 12 racks of those we need to crunch, maybe 10pb. A mix of 4 and 8tb sata, with probably 8 shelves of dinky SSDs. Maybe I’ll snag a couple enclosures and use one with the others for spare parts.

  11. ….and here I am with a RaspberryPi and a 500GB HDD.

    Awesome set up! Do you know how much it costs you in terms of electricity?

  12. Wow! Awesome! Must have been pretty expensive over the year. I’m currently saving for my second 12TB 😛 I have racks in my dreams, but sadly not yet in real life.

  13. Beautiful! Exactly what I needed to see this morning!

  14. What disk shelf is that and what card are you using for it?

  15. I’m always curious what you’re actually storing. I bought a 30tb NAS for backups for my company we currently have about 2tb of data, small company 30+ yo

  16. Incredible setup. I love how you have everything labeled, too.

  17. Are there budget cases like these that I haven’t found yet, or did you just swallow your price and wallet and get the expensive stuff?

  18. Wow… Impressive, I’m too broke to have a system like that, I’m a low-level hoarder…