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My hoarding setup (150 TB+ of pro wrestling, music, isos, etc, etc, etc)

My hoarding setup (150 TB+ of pro wrestling, music, isos, etc, etc, etc)

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  1. I love it! I also collect pro-wrestling. Puroresu and US territories. I’m up to about 40TB. I started as a VHS trader in the late 1990’s and then DVD’s through the mid-2000’s.

  2. All I see is vague black boxes in an overpowering purple glow.

  3. I have to be honest. That looks to me like you spent a lot of money for a complicated and fragmented setup with very little fault tolerance. It’s certainly not how I would do it personally, but if it works for you and you are happy with it, that’s what counts!

  4. This is an amazing setup, thanks for sharing! So you are backing up all your stuff to the internet right? What is your internet connection like? What are your upload speeds?

    I live in Germany and I have an average internet connection, maybe even one of the better ones here. I’m reaching stable 100 Mbit/s down and 40 Mbit/s up, and I’m overall satisfied.

    But, I have just calculated, if I would try to upload 150TB on that connection, this would take me 8738h, or, divided by 24, 364 days. So it would take me exactly one year to upload this stuff. This is hilarious, considering that I would definitely have to limit it to not use the whole available bandwidth and to leave some upload performance to other applications such as regular uploads to iCloud/Dropbox etc.

  5. sorry for noob question, how can you connect so many hd in local on a single mobo?

  6. Ya know how there so many movies and TV shows where big villains try to destroy the internet and send human kind back to the dark ages and shit like that?..

    Ya no mate, we got blokes like this who store 150 FUCKING TERABYTES OF DATA in their homes just because.

    Some super villain make internet and all data on it go boom? No worries just pay people like 50 bucks for each TB of data they can give to remake the internet and suddenly you have like 9 gazillion TBs of data flooding in from hoarders. Wham bam thank you ma’am, the internet is back

  7. Very nice! Do you remember which enclosure that is? Or even the 2 drive enclosures underneath? I’d like to mimic

  8. Highly interested in the wrestling data! I too hoard as much as possible. Mine is on GDrive. My son (a week old) I plan on sharing everything with him when he’s older. It’s been a passion of mine for almost 30 years. I hope it gives him as much joy as it has me.

  9. Woaaahhhh! And how much did that cost? I’m also planning to make a one for my self

  10. Does ‘etc’ mean the same thing on your computer as it does on mine…?

  11. Do you host your wrestling on plex by chance? If so, how do you organize it?

  12. Do you actually view all that wrestling content?
    Why bother keeping the old stuff – is newer content still being produced?

  13. How do you get your wrestling stuff. Do you know a good website?

  14. Very nice, wrestling’s the primary reason I’m looking to set up a NAS

  15. I just recently got 2 of the QNAP TR-004. They’re awesome little boxes. The software could be a little better, but the hardware is great. – Typical QNAP.

  16. Hey since you have a lot of pro wrestling do you have anything from the early WCW (or ECW) days?

    I’m looking for videos that have Knuckles in it (later changed his name to Dave Burkhead)

  17. Nice to see r/SquaredCircle leaking here. Whats your collection? The only actual ISOs I have are those latter-day ECW compilation DVDs. Now I’ll obtain NXT Takeovers and some NJPW matches.

  18. I was inspired by the “modest 40tb data hoard” post – thank you for that!

    In total, I have about 170 TB (total not used) in active local use right now. I have another 40 TB or so that’s located offsite for redundancy (the important stuff).

    I have redundant backup for most everything locally as well as a GSuite account and a Backblaze account. The wrestling iso files are also backed up to my Onedrive account for another layer. I also have (as I mentioned) 4 10TB drives with the important stuff located about 2 hours from my home in a fireproof box.

    The cabinet is fan cooled and exhausted and most of the external drives have individual fans blowing on them as well. The QNAP TR-004 boxes also have on-board cooling to keep the WD Red NAS drives where they should be.

    I used a combination of Syncback Pro, RClone and Hard Drive Sentinel to automate and keep my system up.

    My current situation in terms of usage:

    View post on imgur.com