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My hoard has finally shown its worth.

I’m in a bit of a situation right now, power is flakey and internet is even worse at between ~50kB/s and 0.

But due to the archiving, I have access to all the coursework I still needed to complete, reference charts/material properties, and every math process I needed(offline Wikipedia).
Then after all that was taken care of I still had more entertainment media than I could go through in a year, let alone only a few days without a connection.

My hoarding doesn’t often help me, but in this rare occasion i would have been much worse off without it.

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18 Yorumları

  1. I’m lucky enough to keep an up to date WikiReader unit, it provides an offline backup of all the Wiki databases that runs for hundreds of hours on AA batteries.

  2. Good on you mate. Gotta make the best of things.

    I learned to code during a week long internet / power outage when I was younger, we ran a generator and I had previously downloaded AHK with the intention of using it for a mousekeys equivalent for Runescape.

    Kind of amazing where you end up when your normal day is no longer normal. Because I would have otherwise spent that time playing games instead of learning a skill.

  3. What math processes do you have? Asking for a friend

  4. A friend of mine died – I was one of few people with a bunch of photos of him from pre-facebook times.


  5. Had a similar situation last year when a wind storm pulled the internet cable off of my appt building around the beginning of covid. Having local access to everything was life saving! Can’t imagine the boredom without having everything local… though this may be a sign I’m too tech dependent.

  6. Thank god in India we are getting the cheapest internet with great speed. I am getting 100mbps at 830 rs (12$ approx).

  7. How do you get Wikipedia offline? Asking for a friend

  8. It always pays to have your own access to your data, videos, whatever. Always. A hoarder never trusts the over-hyped cloud.

  9. I think about how I have a 3rd drive on my main rig plus access to Google Drive and realize I need to get on adding more storage.

  10. Hoarding will always pay off sooner or later.

    we recently had an internet outage which is pretty rare around here but hey we got many weeks worth of movies and tv series available locally just incase.

  11. I started downloading things a week before I learnt i’d be out of internet for a month, this involved downloading a SAS Studio VM, multiple datasets, a few resources (Books, videos) and still managed to complete my assignments. I’m totally new to this, but want to make a decent start!

  12. I’m new to all this, but how do you store videos from online educational sources?

  13. Where do you live that the internet is so terrible? Even with all the work from home these days, ours is amazingly fast in the middle of the day. Once in a great while, I’ll hit a site that’s somewhat slow, but that’s rare.

    Guess we’re lucky to have symmetrical gig fiber here in midwest US that competes directly with Comcrap.

  14. Do you index your things at all to have a local google or is it just organized?

  15. That’s exactly why I hoard. Ever since I was younger I knew something would happen eventually where I would need to rely on offline material. I’ve always wanted to do a field test with my hoard and find where I need to improve things.