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My bf just asked something weird and controlling

(posted this earlier but wanted to add more detail)

For context me and my bf have dated for almost 7 years. We both work together along with his friends and our bosses are my bf’s parents at their company. This weekend my bf and his family went to a vacation so I’ll be working alone with his friends for just one day.

My bf texted me saying I gotta show him pictures of the clothes I’m wearing to work, close up pictures of my underwear to make sure no left over cum is there, as well as close ups my back and face since cum can dry up. He also told me to “not be mad but he set up a trap at work to see if I do cheat or not”. I think this is overkill and how can he make a trap at work? Or what even is the trap? He also told me to sit on the back of the suv so I don’t sit next to his friends (we carpool to work). Even his mom or “my boss” texted me a while ago (after I told her I’m off to work) to sit all the way in the back.

Is he worried I might do something with his friends?? I don’t even talk to them unless my bf is there because I’m pretty shy. I don’t know if he doesn’t trust me or his friends or both. I say his friends because I remember a couple years ago he gave me lengthy deep talk as to why he’s suspicious of one of his friends of liking me because I’m “his friend’s type” and how he told my bf how he must be lucky but I’m sure he was just being nice? Me and that friend never talk, it’s only my bf’s other friends, besides that friend has a crush on a different girl who is opposite of me

Anyways what should I think about all this? Does he not trust me with his friends or the other way around? What about his mom’s text message? Why this overprotective?

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9 Yorumları

  1. ask him if this is a new fetish & if he WANTS “cum” there.

    treat it like a joke.

    by no means comply, this is not part of being a good worker OR a good girlfriend. (I’m not comfortable that somehow those seem to be related?)

    Just call in sick ffs. This is some bullshit you shouldn’t have to deal with.

  2. Umm and why isn’t he an ex boyfriend??? Seriously???

    Why are you even dating this guy????

  3. Get rid. This is toxic. It’ll only get worse too.

  4. Tell him no way in hell because it’s controlling behavior and that if he wants to have trust issues or be controlling like that they he can find another girlfriend. If you can find a new job and if you live with him, move your stuff out ASAP and find a new place to live.

    I’d say dump his ass now and tell him that if he’s going to behave like that then you’re officially putting in your 2 weeks notice, BUT idk your situation. If it’s safe to do so or if you have a place where you can stay until you get another job I’d say do it ASAP, but if it’s not feasible, I’d say give him a warning that you’re not going to tolerate this and try to set yourself up with a new job and housing -again if you guys live together- before quitting and breaking up with him.

    If anyone at work asks what’s going on, I’d be honest with them and say that you loved the opportunity of working there but you’re not going to put up with the toxicity in the relationship especially since it’s now spilling into your work life

    This relationship isn’t worth it.

  5. What in the actual fuck? This is some controlling and unhealthy behavior. He obviously is extremely insecure. How old are you guys?