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My aunts and dad are forcing me(F16) to be close with my cousin(F15) again..

So basically my cousin (F15) and I (F16) used to be super close, and I had a tough upbringing therefore I’ve battled with depression, and so I’d tell her sometimes when I was feeling down, and she told my sister and aunts and dad and everyone in the family, and my sister is really bad with these things and she ended up making me feel even worse. And then later I told my cousin like “Hey please dont tell everyone this stuff I told you because I trusted you please don’t” and you may think it was life threatening stuff, it was literally just that I felt down. and she agreed she said she wouldn’t.

But then later she would go on to screenshot and record my private stories on social media, and she at one point made my family force me to block 2 of my closest friends, over nothing, because they were “bad for me”, when they were literally the only people who would comfort me in my toughest times. And at one point made my family stage an “intervention” for me, which ended up doing more harm to me than good.

So I went to my friends asking for advice and they all told me to not tell her anything so I stopped but then she started telling my family very trivial things about myself that even though it wasn’t even bad it annoyed me that they knew, when theres not need to. And every time Id confront her and tell her to stop she’d just respond with “its because I love you” then end up ghosting me.

And because she just started spilling all the small things i realized I couldn’t trust her with that stuff, and so I stopped talking to her all together, and because of that she ended up forcing me to come out to my family about being part of the LGBTQ community. And my family is now forcing me to be close with her now, I don’t want to. Like I really really dont want to, I mentally cannot be close with her anymore and they’re really trying to force me and saying how I need to just forgive her because she didn’t do anything wrong, I’m just being to sensitive. BUT ITS MY INFORMATION ABOUT MYSELF, I WANT SOME PRIVACY!!! NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME !

(also written on phone sry for bad grammar)

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  1. They’re forcing you to be closer to her because they want to know all this secret stuff that she spills and they’ve not been getting their fix. Just ignore her. They can berate you and argue as much as they like but they can’t make you be friends with her. Ride out the heckling, just keep saying no. No matter how often the tell you to be her friend, they can’t force you to forgive her and honestly she sounds like a shitty human being and no friend to you.

    Just keep saying no. She doesn’t deserve your friendship and you would be foolish to tell her anything about yourself ever again. Let her stew in her loneliness, she deserves it.

  2. You could do what my brother and i did with our nosey nephew: we made up the craziest shit, and our nephew would run to his parents, and tell them.

    We started easy, like: we slipped up that we stored cigarettes under the bed, cause we sold them at school. Obviously within 30 minutes, our dad wanted to see under the bed.. nothing there.

    next, we ‘confided’ in our nephew, that we beat up the son of a colleague of my mom, and mom was at our throat in no time. Then she asked her colleague, and nothing happened.

    Third was: we mentioned we stole a bike, and put it in the back of the shed. Again nothing ofcourse, but after that, my nephew was branded as attention seeker, and my parents stopped believing him. Sometimes we would still feed m some lie that he could not resist telling, and we were save for another month or so.

  3. just don’t be friends with her or if they make you see her IRL just do something that requires no talking or keeps you occupied, like watching a movie or going shopping