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My (26M) girlfriend (24F) is going to ask for financial help that I don’t want to give.

So I will start with this has not happened yet but likely will.

Recently I bought a house and my gf and I moved hundreds of miles and started new jobs (our first big people jobs). However the situation is that her 18yo cat was just diagnosed with kidney failure. She has had this can since she was 6 and it is very special to her. I also like the cat, but we are in no way in a financial situation do treatment.

I am unsure how much vet bills will cost, but we’re are poor poor from moving/buying house etc (e.g. I have $700 in checking 3,000 on a credit card, and 0 savings. Her situation is even worse).

I don’t want this to cause a relationship problem, I am look for advice about how to handle this before hand. I think she will choose financial ruin just to get a few more months with this cat since she has done it once before and it wasn’t even her cat. But that’s beside the fact.


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  1. Maybe you guys could start a GoFundMe for the cat and raise awareness on social media (i.e. reddit, instagram, twitter, facebook)? My family has done this before for my cat and it was a huge help.

  2. Check into organizations that will help pay for emergency vet care and see if there is one near where you live.

  3. It might be time to have a long compassionate discussion about how the cat loves her. The cat had a good long life. The cat would want your gf to be happy, and the cat deserves a happy, relaxed ending. Kidney disease is painful and there’s no cure. The kindest thing to do is ask the vet for a sedative so you can give it to the cat while cuddling it at home, and then take the sleeping cat to the vet for its final injection. No stress. Just a nice warm nap.

  4. It’s hard. We had a malamute who went from 100 pounds to 38 when I finally put him down. He was not well for probably 2 years before that. I could. Or get my husband to do it. Finally when he could no longer get up to pee anymore I made the appointment. He was supposed to come with and he stood me up. My dad had to help me.

    First empathize this sucks balls. But going further in debt for a car who won’t make it much longer even with treatment isn’t a sound financial decision

    My cat from childhood lived to 19. Had same issue. While getting iv fluids she died of a heart attack.

    Tell her we can make her last days the greatest. Tuna all day long but it’s also not fair to the cat to let her suffer

  5. Get this poor kitty all the love you can get. Spending money on a dying old cat is irresponsible.

  6. You can probably start by sympathizing with her about her sick cat. Tell her you would love to be in the position to help her out with any vet bills, but you have zero in your savings acct. having just purchased a house. You can’t give what you don’t have.

    Did you ask her what the vet recommends for treatment, especially seeing as it is a senior cat? Reality is that a good Dr will be honest about a prognosis. If pricey treatment, maybe she can ask about an installment plan at the vets? Or there’s some charities that help pay vet bills.

    Whatever, let her know you’re willing to help when you can. Love her love her cat.

  7. Talk to her! What’s in this post you can’t tell her in an honest conversation?

  8. The cat is 18 yo, which is like 120 human yo. Let the poor dude die already !

  9. Just be honest with her and explain that you cannot afford it.