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My (22m) GF (21f) says she’s lost desire for sexual affection

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for just over 1 and a half years and things have been rough in our sex life for 7 months. We both love each other deeply.

I feel like we should be having sex 2 times a week minimum but she just doesn’t seem interested and often it’s just once a week.

I have been always asking for more sex and she says that’s why she has lost interest in it. Me nagging her and giving her ways to make sex A more regular thing.
She states that she wants to a active sex life too and we are trying NNN to restart things but I’m scared it won’t fix things when we get back into it.

Please give me some advise or your own opinions on what you have been through in similar circumstances

Thank you

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  1. You’ve had sex issues for 7 MONTHS of your 18ish month relationship. Yikes. Literally almost HALF the duration of your whole relationship. All the comments are talking about the possible issues and ignoring this part.

    Your relationship is young enough that this is pretty obvious break up territory for me.

    Also I completely disagree with the comments acting like the issue is your pestering. Yes I agree with the concept of not pestering and pressuring for unrelated reasons, but thats not why your sex life sucks. Shes just diverting the attention from your incompatibility into blame on you. People who act like “oh you’re being too much and THATS why I’m not having sex with you” are usually lying most of the time. They don’t want to acknowledge that them being the less sex driven party is frustrating the more sex driven partner, so they turn it into blaming thay partner.

    $5 says if you stop pestering, the difference in your sex drives won’t go away. But don’t take my word on it, feel free to see for yourself in the coming months. Don’t pressure her at all, you’ve done your part to communicate the issues. If I am wrong on it, I’d be more than happy because nothing I’m saying is an absolute rule or anything.

  2. There are few things more off putting than someone pestering you for more sex.

    I’d say let the sex ease down to what she feels good with. You might find her preference is actually less than once a week. Once you’ve both found her comfort spot in that regard, ask yourself whether you can live with that. Because as much as you try and get more sex out of her, this will always be a tug of war, so to speak, between her being upset at being nagged or guilty for not being up for it, and you being frustrated at not getting enough.

    Also think about ways you can lower your libido to match her. Are you masturbating too much / not enough, or are you exposing yourself to arousal, (watching porn, following half-baked girls on social media, etc). Are you exercising enough. Work on yourself if you really want to be with her, instead of trying to change her. Or just find love with someone that matches you better.

  3. Without sex there is no relationship. If she won’t do it then the only long term solution is to find someone who does. As soon as she accuses you of nagging pull away from her in every sense, disengage, and if she doesn’t initiate leave.

  4. How about you ease off the pressure? Nothing kills the mood like being pushed and nagged. Seriously. It could be that she’s having some issues, be they hormones, personal stuff, work pressure, mental health, whatever. What are you doing for her (and without having the expectation that it will lead to sex?). Kind gestures, little touches, hugs. Making the occasion meal, running her a bath. If she has stuff going on, being pestered for having a lower libido is going to make her feel crappy and bad in herself. It’s also going to make her wonder if that’s all you want her for; gratification.

  5. Relationship over. Once you start begging for sex its over. Also the secret to getting sex from a dead bedroom is to ignore the situation and find other things to do outside relationships. Space and distance makes a person miss you and create that sexual desire. People always say communication but they are 100 percent wrong. But its easier to just end it

  6. Maybe ask her why she’s lost interest in it? Perhaps there’s something that she feels is missing in the bedroom.