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Multiple-DVD ripping device

Multiple-DVD ripping device

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25 Yorumları

  1. *takes 4 weeks to build LEGO DVD ripper*

    *speeds up process of ripping 38 DVDs by 6%*

  2. This design would leave the discs exposed to the elements: dust, moisture in the air, etc.

    Still very cool, none the less.

  3. yoooo i have that exact same baseplate, its amazing not having to stick a bunch of platforms together to make one big land mass

  4. Back in the day my team would send software updates to field users on cd. We had a disc duplicator that pulled from a stack, into the drive then to another stack.

  5. Well I’m glad it didn’t actually play The Smiths

  6. As a kid my dream house would to feature a movie theater, and on the back of it would be rows and rows of disks like this behind a wall of glass. By punching in a number into a remote, a robot arm very similar to this would X/Y plane over to the right disk, grab it off the rack, then move it over to a player arm that would put it onto a DVD player mounted vertically on the wall.

  7. Finally a way to get (nearly) unlimited free AOL minutes

  8. Anyone know if there’s a open source instructions and or projects that works as a DVD CD changer.

    I’m picturing a system with 3D printed parts using Blueray discs as a backup medium.
    Basically load it with a spindle of blank discs and as you burn them, on burn success are placed on archive spool and indexed in software. Then spools can be placed in cold storage archive and retrieved and opened.

    This would be a cool maker project. A few steeper motors and robotics and 3D printed parts.
    Hummm… got me thinking…

  9. In all seriousness, is there any product out there that can do this?

  10. It’s actually designed as a changer. Notice how it places the disc back. There are better designs if it were a ripper.

  11. Any potential info on how to build this ourselves? Heck I’d even pay for instructions on how to build this thing and have it configured with the software and hardware. As I have about 50 dvds to rip and this would save me a lot of time.

  12. This is genuinely brilliant and very entertaining to watch.

  13. If only I had known that if I continued to play with my legos(edit) for the last two decades – I could one day use them for ‘adulting’ purposes.

    Why do the discs eject so quickly? Just for demo process?
    Have you programmed something to engage the software to rip the disc as well?

  14. dvd ripper , but once ripped it just feed them into a shredder.

  15. This is amazing, and I COULD NOT accomplish something like this. Wondering what the MTBF is on a machine made out of LEGOs would be.