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Microsoft gaming chief calls for industry-wide game preservation

Microsoft gaming chief calls for industry-wide game preservation

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30 Yorumları

  1. In that case, why don’t they contribute to existing Xbox and Xbox 360 emulators…

    If they want the systems and games to live on, they should release documentation on how they interact for emulator authors.

  2. Yet, Xbox systems can’t be set up without an internet connection and a Microsoft account.

  3. I’ve been waiting for Microsoft to give us the ability to create Win 95/98/XP VMs so that I can play older PC games for a while

  4. Is there a link somewhere to what he actually said and not some site that looks like a robot generated a text with random quotes, everything linking to similar articles on the same site that also reads like procedurally generated filler text with quotes and more links to the same site.

  5. Not one mention of the overt douchebaggery necessitating this push?

  6. Prime examples of why this are needed can be found at Rockstar, who recently bricked all their PC games as they rely on their launcher, which relies on a connection to their servers. They turned them off when the GTA (Not so) remastered trillogy release was an expected fuckup, taking down GTA 5 at the same time.

  7. Says someone from the company that burned users not once, but twice, with digital music services.

  8. “Game preservation”, eh? Forgive me for not quite trusting it coming from a company that makes a consoles (a locked down PC made to not run anything not authorised by said console’s manufacturer) and at the same time pushes to kill physical media. Seems like so far they are doing everything to kill game preservation, not help it.

  9. “… after reading players comments.” You gotta have the actual title.

  10. Step 1: Ask GOG.com how to do it.

    Step 2: Do what GOG.com says to do.

  11. Copyright should be 10 years. And there should be restrictions preventing vetos by greedy licence holders. For example making a game available in back compact not being possible because of some sook about a song, or the BluRay box set of a 90s TV program having it’s soundtracks removed because “reasons”, should not be possible. Not ever. The piece has been made, it belongs to humanity now, not you, deal with it.

    Same with patent law. Change it. You have 10 years to use “your idea” after that, it’s fair game, no renewals. If some billion company swoops up the idea 10 years later, and makes a billion dollars, well too bad, you had 10 years to do something with it and didn’t so your loss. “Ideas” should be owed by humanity. Not some cry baby “I thought of it first, so it’s mine”. This would eliminate most if not all of the profit in patent troll business.

    And I get it, wah for the little guys that can’t make money off their ideas/creations because they don’t have the money to drive it. Yes that’s unfortunate. But we’re all in this together. I fully expect if I personally can’t make use of an idea, then someone else should be allowed to. I’d be content in the knowledge I’ve contributed to mankind.

  12. Licensing shoots down any legal way of doing this. Sell me Forza horizon 3, I’ll run it in an emulator.

  13. Ironic how this is said right as they end the backward compatibility program…. Wasn’t this supposed to help them actually make gamepass into the actual Netflix of Games. Nobody only watches new movies and hence is the same for video games, to have a service to play iconic new and old games. No other company is putting the effort into making old games available, even on pc most old games aren’t on steam, and when they are they are a buggy mess.

    They had the ability to have new first party games coming from their newly purchased studios, 3rd party licensed games and at the very least 4 generations of 1st party games. I bet they stopped the program to focus more on frame rat improvements on xbone games, but seriously this is a sad direction for them.

  14. i mean just look what happen to GTA Trilogy, butched the remake, kill the originals, some games are part of an era

  15. The bigger problem is that more and more games (and really, software in general) are dependent on cloud services. Emulation won’t help when those servers are no longer deemed worth keeping online. How does Spencer propose to address that?

  16. Good, you can lead the pack by giving pinball back !

  17. Weird coming from the company that just shut down Forza horizon 3 from being bought. The literal only way to acquire it now is to pirate it

  18. It’s weird that they’re talking about this now when years before they were trying to lead the industry on a campaign to make sure no one could preserve or play older games by almost making the previous generation console non-backwards compatible with their older games. But they only changed it at the last second due to the mounting public pressure and Sony announcing backwards compatibility with the PS4 when it came out. And there was this mantra of not supporting PC gaming because of piracy and emulation and suing fans for modding and changing their consoles. It’s like hearing about the fossil fuel companies coming out and saying we need to do more about climate change when it’s already too late, you made your bed and now you have to sleep in it.

  19. Here’s an idea: write some f**king drivers to allow older versions of Windows to run on modern hardware without emulation or virtualization. Problem solved. Or just stop making every new version of Windows incompatible with half the software that ran on the previous version.

    EDIT: Why are you downvoting this? You all know I’m right.

  20. Microsoft was first to my knowledge to push a subscription service(kinda like Netflix) for hundreds of games. Then they were the first console to openly support putting all their xbox console exclusive games on PC, and offer the same subscription service for PC. Then they were the first to really push for cross play. Maybe I’m wrong but I believe Sony fought this. Now they are pushing for standardizing emulation and preservation for old games. Like come on, whoever this gaming chief is is def on the people’s side. It’s kinda fucked up how many times I’ve paid for the same Zelda/Mario games on Nintendo’s rotating eco systems, cause of stupid nostalgic no-excuse reasoning.

  21. I totally agree with Phil about the importance of preserving games. I also think there’s two major issues standing in the way of making it happen (beyond the usual intra-industry squabbling about stuff):

    1. Shorten copyrights for video games to 20 years max (maybe 10 years + 10 years?)
    2. Rearrange music licensing etc so that it’s “once licensed, always licensed” for that game – including remasters – regardless of platform.

  22. As games as a service are becoming more popular I do wonder how exactly do we preserve them. It is very difficult as they game will evolve over time some things will be completely removed and replaced by other things. Fortnite is a great example of this if a 10 year old kid has been playing Fortnite over the years there is really no way to preserve that experience for their children to have that in 15-30 years from now. Even if you did preserve the game some how version 1 of the game is very different then 2021 version.

  23. I think Microsoft should shut the fuck up and fuck off.

    Especially since they commit some of the worst gaming sins ever.

  24. I still say that any software that doesn’t receive an update for 1-2 years should become free of any legal stipends directly, so people can build on more to it as they want for the better of the software. Such as older games for modding or any abandoned software. That said, I can agree that monetary privileges and similar shouldn’t run out at that time. The Devs should still be able to come back to what they left, but others should be able to help the community for free.

    Also, any media that isn’t sold anymore via reasonable means should also be free to distribute without legal repercussions.

  25. What about flash games?

    Console games are virtually guaranteed dead after 5-10 years.

    Licensing servers are a major bottleneck

    There are no financial incentives to do anything so nothing will be done.

  26. First, you’ve gotta dump long copyrights. 20 is an eternity in technology years.

  27. God, I hate it when Microsoft is right about something.