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Microsoft Defender has apparently flagged qBitTorrent 4.3.9’s installer as a PUA (I know it’s still safe to use)

Anyone else seeing this? This seems to be a new problem – I didn’t have any issue downloading 4.3.8, but 4.3.9 is now blocked.

Looking at VirusTotal, Microsoft is the only AV agent that detected it, apart from some random one that I’ve never heard of. The threat name is “PUA:Win32/QBitTorrent!torrent”, so it looks like Microsoft has deliberately flagged it.

This is a pretty annoying move from Microsoft, and I wouldn’t expect the team that does the AV definitions to do something like this. The ‘!torrent’ bit at the end of the ‘threat’ name seems to indicate that they’re blocking all popular torrent apps, but I’d rather not download BitTorrent to check.

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30 Yorumları

  1. Pretty much every known torrent program is flagged in Defender. They definitely don’t want people to pirate software.

  2. It’s weird a couple of days ago I tried to update it and couldn’t and now today I tried and got it to work.

  3. I mean, Microsofts products are pirated A LOT. I could see why they’d want to make it harder. But they can’t flat out block it because they know piracy isn’t the only use case of torrenting. This really isn’t all that surprising.

  4. A serious pirate doesn’t use defender. Something like Kaspersky maybe, but not all that free shit

  5. Happened to me a few days ago, I just installed a fork of qbit and went on with my day cause I had the fork link handy.

  6. It happened to me like a year ago, and I disabled the PUA detection. I’ve since bought a laptop and made a Windows 11 VM, and in both cases the PUA Detection was automatically turned off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. > This seems to be a new problem…

    Except it has been happening to multiple torrent clients for about two years now. 😛

  8. Good software : Closed Sourced Products released by MS with shit ton of telemetry and calling home features.

    Bad software: An open source torrent application whose source code is already available to everyone.


  9. It’s been like this for a while now, but it’s safe to use, microsoft is just being a dick!

  10. Yeah I saw the same thing when I updated last week. I doubt it’s a big deal, so I just whitelisted it

  11. I noticed Defender flagging the .exe as a virus last night when I downloaded the new update. Rest assured qBitTorrent is safe. Just whitelist the program

  12. There’s a thread about it on the official forums. Devs know, Devs have commented.

  13. funny, last time I checked half of Microsoft’s bloatware on Windows was unwanted or downright not working at all.

  14. Is this some joke I’m too Linux to understand?

  15. My Windows 11 keeps doing the same to Deluge. I’ve installed it two or three times now, it seems to be leaving it alone as of late.

  16. You guys didn’t immediately turn this off when it happened a few weeks ago?

  17. Yes, the recent release version was flagged on my personal rig as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application), with severity level shown as low. Just click on ‘allow this app’ to run, and it will work fine, you can see it in the ‘allowed threats’ section. Btw, I did a virustotal scan and it wasn’t flagged by any AV, so we know its defender just ‘acting up’, it throws false positives from time to time especially in VM while using firewall apps and stuff, so it wasn’t new to me, but defender is pretty good overall, and stays out of my way, unlike certain pesky AV’s Im not gonna name.

  18. For the past 10-15 years, companies like MS have used AV tools to remove inconvenient files that aren’t a threat to the user. I remember long ago an MS dev released a tool called Private Folders by himself without going through official channels. The tool allowed the user to lock a folder with a pwd. Corporations shit all over MS for releasing a tool that allowed users to hide files from management. Next thing you know, Private Folders was flagged as being harmful and gets removed by Defender as well as other vendors AV solutions. They likely make money by acting as gatekeeper. Pay them and get any files you like marked as BAD and auto-removed.

  19. Come on Defender will always do this. Don’t use security software from the same company that made your OS.

  20. It was announced a few months ago that they were going to add torrent programs to PUP (or PUA) as you may not want to use that and “leak” your IP, don’t remember the exact reasons. To warn the average user because it is more of an advanced thing or something…

  21. PUA: Potentially Unwanted Application for those who don’t want to Google it like I had to.

  22. I saw that with defender on 4.3.9. as well. Freaked me out for a second until I read that it was just detecting it as itself. I just whitelisted it

  23. I use Avira and it gets detected too. It’s a false positive. qBittorrent is also open-source and used by a lot of people so you can trust it.