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Michaels has a “Photo and Craft Keeper” box on sale for $12.59 that’s the perfect size for HDDs

Michaels has a “Photo and Craft Keeper” box on sale for $12.59 that’s the perfect size for HDDs

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  1. Haha, even though this post is from a week+ ago, I’m just adding that today I saw [this video about data recovery](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6IWlKq2oGY) and she has HDDs in these cases on a cart in the background 🙂

  2. Hi,

    kraft-tex Flat Zipper Pouch Tutorial

    [https://craftbuds.com/kraft-tex-flat-zipper-pouch-tutorial/](https://craftbuds.com/kraft-tex-flat-zipper-pouch-tutorial/) #craftbuds.com

  3. None were available in my local area, so I ordered 6 of them online. Free shipping!

  4. Well that’s just great. Now I have to buy 16 HDDs just to fill this box. That’s okay. ?

  5. Great, this is awesome, now if I could just get something similar for portable externals… Anyone know of any?

  6. Hard drives are a bad medium for cold storage.

  7. For those in Canada here it is for $24.99 at Micheals Canada stores




  8. ESD!

    It must be made super clear that ESD bags are a requirement for something like this.

  9. This is so much better than just keeping the cardboard boxes from WD reds

  10. Awww, sold out everywhere here. I was hyped because the [cheapo boxes from China sellers I loved](https://i.imgur.com/PMk5ZLm.jpg) have doubled->sextupled in price this year 🙁

    ~~[EDIT: Oh, but [$25](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PFM9Q37) for 24 of just the photo boxes via Amazon (Prime) is cheap enough that I’ll check ’em out…probably can just pad the inside a bit if they’re a little too rattle-y.]~~

    [EDIT EDIT: Never mind, I was thrown off by the ‘Out of Stock’ notice being part of the ‘Add to Cart’ section and didn’t realize it could still be shipped…too used to Walmart-ish store-only dealz, heh. Still works out to a buck-a-box, plus the large cases. Ordered!]

  11. quick question, if some one where to 3d print a case like these and line them with anti-static foam, is that something you guys would be interested in buying?

  12. wow it’s being resold for $35 on amazon, lol upsellers.

  13. It’s not full of static like most of that plastic?

  14. I have 3 of these cases I use for random computer and electronic components. You can fit 4 of these cases in the Sterlite latching handle totes Walmart sells for $9

  15. Ammo boxes work pretty well and they are way more sturdy/protective. They are also usually airtight which helps with moisture if you throw a desiccant in there. I can fit about 6 external drives or 10 internal drives per box with a bit of room for labels/cables/etc..

  16. I wonder if this would really fit the newer, fatter 3.5″s… which are known to not even squeeze into some older cases designed for hard drives.

    If you have like 20 HDDs you want to lock up, look into:

    **ORICO Hard Drive Case, 20-Bay Multi-Protection HDD Storage Box Suitcase with Foam, Anti-Static Shock Moisture Proof for WD, Seagate, Toshiba, 3.5″ HDD**

    For a mix of 8 HDDs + some 2.5″ drives and SSDs, there’s:

    **GLOTRENDS Aluminum & EVA Protection Suitcase for 8 x 3.5 & 6 x 2.5 inch Hard Drive, Moisture Proof, Water Resistant, Static Proof, Perfect for Media Offices, Photography, Graphic Design (B86)**

  17. I totally use these for my hard drives they fit perfectly, though you do need to be careful with the larger box they all fit into they’re not designed to handle the weight of hard drives.

  18. Whoa that is awesome, my wife is going to like this immensely more than the stacks of drives I have at my desk

  19. This doesn’t seem to be the perfect size. It should be oversized and foamed, should it not?

  20. I bought some HDD protection boxes and when they arrived I realized I needed ones big enough to fit the drive AND the tray from my NAS case. I’m not about to screw and unscrew them every month from the trays. So mine are still unprotected.

  21. Hard to beat an ammo can for water and EMP resistance.

  22. Don’t fill that box and trust the handle though.

  23. Looks like this, but I actually use them for photos. Haven’t tried to fit a drive.


  24. Obviously wrap the disks in an anti-stat bag for actual storage.

    This is a pretty good solution for an off-site storage box on the absolute cheap. Do not trust the handle, it’s flimsy. The rest of the box is quite sturdy.

    It’s also available in rainbow: [https://www.michaels.com/photo-and-craft-keeper-by-recollections/10468242.html](https://www.michaels.com/photo-and-craft-keeper-by-recollections/10468242.html)