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Method for circumventing all DRM through GPU RAM Decode?

So, currently games are extremely easy to rip assets from even if you can’t physically open the files.

* You just download the appropriate ripper and rip the rendered assets from the GPU.

How this works is even though the assets are encrypted
*(until someone with a big brain on XenTax finds decryption keys)*,
The assets need to be decrypted before your GPU can render them.

Meaning it doesn’t matter how much DRM/encryption a game has, the exe decrypts the files in order to render them.
The decrypted files are then outputted by the GPU which can then be read and ripped from.

So why can’t the same be done with Movies and TV shows?



*First of all just to be clear, I am talking about* ***Purchased*** *content.*

* *eg iTunes purchases/Amazon purchases that you paid to access, that stuck on a digital store front or tied to a player.*

Since Video can be hardware decoded by the GPU, shouldn’t there be a way to extract the decrypted video files straight from the GPU?

That way we don’t even have to bother with breaking DRM like Fairplay because at the end of the day iTunes will have to decrypt the file for you before it can be played.


Obviously Ram dumps are extremely easy to do. But they don’t contain video data. Unless you want to get complicated and RAM Drive iTunes + the video and then Ram Dump the Ram Drive.

There has to be an easier way to extract video from GPU ram.
Frame by frame is theoretically possible using existing game rippers since most capture native res screenshots of the scene.

However that’s not the same as ripping the decoded output.
**Anyone with any experience on the matter know how to rip decoded video outputs?**

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4 Yorumları

  1. Isnt flixgrab using that method?
    Its not downloading decrypted original files so its probably dumping frames and reencode.

  2. I think you’ll find trying to exploit the analog loophole to rip 3D models based on the rendered output you get from a GPU to be pretty frustrating.

    Of course you could write something to extract in-memory objects that the GPU has, but there’s both standard and non-standard transformations to those objects in memory based on the driver and architecture of the GPU.

    I think you’ll find a lot more tools, guidance, and sanity in exploiting or cracking the game binary to obtain the asset decryption keys.