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Merry Christmas fellow hoarders! What gifts did you get that feed your data addiction?

Merry Christmas fellow hoarders! What gifts did you get that feed your data addiction?

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48 Yorumları

  1. I got 8 Mbps no fup broadband for ~$43 for the year. I had got an 8TB Mybook, but I fear now I need 2 more.

  2. A 6TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS internal hard disk! I still have yet to install it though, as I want to update some things before I restart my computer (I prefer a long uptime.

  3. Took on remote hosting duties for my dad’s surveillance system. Nebula VPN seems to be working well.

  4. Money, with which I bought 2 8TB seagate expansion drives for 150 each (canadian), and my friend works there so he can get me 10% off on them.

  5. lucky, i wanted a external hard drive but didnt get it

  6. Got myself 2x 12TB MyBooks for real cheap since two drives are on their way out.

    I’ll replace the disabled 4TB Green with what is now a parity drive (8TB HGST) and make the two 12TB a double parity. After that I’ll ride out the 3TB that’s been erroring for a moment but seemed that it was a fluke. If not, I’m well prepared and I’m replacing it in time with whatever nice deal I strike until then.

    unRAID is lovely. To think that 4TB Green had been in its case as external until just a few months ago… Backed up, sure, but I would have lost more sleep over it. Now in the future with double parity unRAID will have an easier time correcting errors as well if I understood it right and at the very least I’ll be looking at more redundancy which is what I wanted to get to as soon as possible anyhow.

  7. I have 2 10TB Elements Pre-Clearing since yesterday morning.

  8. My first WD MyBook 8TB for shuck. Waiting for it to come.

  9. I got christmas socks.

    They keep my feet warm when copying files.

  10. Not for me but I got me parents an old optiplex 9010 with an i7 and SSD along with a 8TB easystore to run their own plex server.

  11. I got 2 of the 8TB ones to back up a couple of my RAID-0 partitions.

  12. I got myself 2 12TB drives, a little miffed that the 14TB drives came out only a few weeks after and at a good price, but I guess it’s fine since the point was to duplicate 3x 8TB drives on to 2x 12TB drives. Here’s hoping next year brings 16TB Easystore drives on sale as I could then duplicate my other 2x 8TB drives on it and then be on all double digit TB drives (I also have a 10TB duplicated on to 2 5TBs)

  13. Rebuilt my main PC with a Ryzen 3950X with PCIE 4.0 + gen4 1TB nvme + 64GB RAM. Made an Unraid box with the components from that previous build (Ryzen 2700 + 64GB RAM + 1TB gen3 nvme) and a 24-bay Netapp I picked up + a new 10TB, 12TB, and 14TB Easystores + 10TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro + 2x500GB SSDs for cache and migrated over 7 drives from my existing storage box to the NetApp. It’s been a lot of work but man it’s super exciting.

  14. I got a set of power tools, but succeeded in convincing my SO that I need to spend $1000 on PC upgrades which will include a 2TB SSD and a 2TB HDD. Peasant-grade data hoarding I know, but my needs will be met with these.

  15. I got two 14TB easyStore for the NAS setup. I am filling them up as of now.

  16. 2 x 8TB Reds and 2 x 4TB Reds from BF sale.

    This also doesn’t take into account the 4 x 8TB reds I bought myself during that sale or the 2 x 1819+ I bought also on sale.

  17. Nothing. My family does Secret Santa and my Secret Santa forgot to buy me a present

  18. Nope, I got lots of gift cards since nobody ever knows what to get me except videogames and everybody already thinks I play too many of those. I did gift a 4TB Seagate tower to my sister’s boyfriend that I got from Target for $30 though and he was desperately trying to play it off like he didn’t know what he could use it for and wasn’t going to have that filled within six months.

  19. * CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS x 2 (waited two years for these to go on sale again)

    * AMD 3970X
    * MSI Creator TRX40 MB
    * 128 GB E die RAM
    * 1 TB WD SN750 NVMe SSDs x 5 (probably should get two more since the MB can take 7)
    * Lian Li O11d XL case + distro plate
    * radiators/fans
    * Probably need to get an interim GPU until Nvidia ampere is released as I only have a 780 Ti now. Maybe an EVGA B-stock RTX 2080.

    * Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K + lens
    * CFast card and reader (I guess we’re back to flash memory cards being large and expensive)

  20. Gl-Inet AR750+128gb sd card. Not strictly datahoarder material but fun nonetheless.

  21. Nothing for me, but spending the day helping my dad set up his new NAS! Convinced him that shucking is perfectly safe, so got him set up with 3 10TB drives in a Synology box.

  22. Nice gift! I bought this one from Best Buy but now have to return it as I bought the 14TB one that was just on sale lol.

  23. 4x 8 TB HDDs to add to my NAS! Two more and I can upgrade one VDEV in my zpool

    I only have 8 TB left in my 65 TiB zpool 🙁

    edit: autocorrect.

  24. Picked up a DS212j for $125 from amazon warehouse just to see if I want to get into the synology ecosystem. If so this will be my offsite backup at my parents when I get a 5-8 bay. If not… well it still might be the backup but I’ll just stick with freenas as primary.

    Either way this was the cheapest way I could get a real chance to test it out. Really wanted to check out DS Note.

  25. I picked up 2x Samsung 1TB 860 PROs and 6x WD Ultrastar DC 14TB HC530s to basically upgrade my plex server… Oh and another new Dell PowerEdge R720xd.

  26. Working the long con, coming from a 1 bedroom apartment with no space for my tech equipment, where my servers are out in the living room.

    For Christmas I bought a house that is wired with ethernet, has a dedicated office, and has a closet adjacent to the office that will convert perfectly into a server room. When I replace my modded PC case with a proper disk shelf, I’ll be able to add at least two more 3.5” disks for a total of 26 (for now).

  27. Got another 14TB Ironwolf Pro to throw in my QNAP 8-bay (up to 4 drives now in Raid5) and a QNAP 10GB switch so I can have multiple video editors working off of the NAS as shared storage.

    Also got a couple of Ubiquity WAPs with POE injectors for the office.

    Looking forward to getting 4 more Ironwolf Pro drives so I can get maximum spindles working for my throughput.

  28. Dad got me an NVMe USB 3.1 Gen 2 enclosure, so I get to play with “Fast” external storage now too 🙂

  29. 10TB elements and a 1TB nvme ssd!!! Great Christmas!

  30. my girlfriend got me a 4tb “my passport” WD external hard drive, which is the first external hard drive I’ve ever gotten, so thats pretty heckin sick.

  31. I got one of those 12gb Easystores too. Happy holidays!

  32. Probably a dashcam. Maybe. I don’t know because we haven’t opened gifts yet due to family politics. Yay. I love visiting my parents.

  33. I got a 4-pack of [14TB Easystores](https://i.imgur.com/PghKFqU.jpg) and have the last few bits inbound to finish my home server build (loosely following [this guide.](https://www.serverbuilds.net/anniversary)) I look forward to finally getting it up and running and stuffing it full of ~~porn~~ valuable data.

  34. I won one of the raffles r/homelabsales and u/StorageReview did for Christmas! The first raffle I’ve won in my life. The prize? [Virident Flashmax 2.2TB PCIe SSD](https://www.storagereview.com/virident_flashmax_ii_mlc_application_accelerator_review_22tb). This is the start and end of my gifts for Christmas and I am grateful for it.

  35. I ordered myself a Adaptec 71605 to upgrade from my two 5805’s so I can use larger then 3TB drives. This year as I hit the capacity of my 8X3TB drive raid 6 array ill buy some 6 or 8TB drives and build what I hope is a 15 year array. Ill then use one of the old 5805’s and the the 3TB drives in a system ill keep at my dads house for a backup of none media things.

  36. An Ubiquiti G3 camera (requested). Fueling my need for more storage to hoard.

  37. Threadripper 1920x. All the PCIe lanes for m.2 storage, 10GbE networking, GPUs and HBA SAS card!

  38. I bought 4 x 6TB WD Red disks on Amazon as they were about £100 off this last week.