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Made the score! 8 on the rack, got 4 and left the rest for the next guy!

Made the score! 8 on the rack, got 4 and left the rest for the next guy!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about these.

    2nd walmart had 2 and I’ll probably look some more today.

    Anyone else have this problem where you can’t rename them more than 11 characters?

    I’m on Mac Mojave.

  2. On the hunt!
    Brickseek says there’s 6+ here but no luck so far

  3. Daaaaamn I need another SSD (or 4 lol) too! Nice score man, congrats!

  4. Lucky you! I hit 2 walmarts nearby, first one the guy said the system showed 8, but there were none in the locked cabinet thing and he showed me a store map locator thingy and said none were marked as being on the floor, etc. Second one the guy knew what I was talking about and said they’d been sold out since a couple days prior.

  5. Went to two Walmart’s today. No joy. ? Suwanee and Duluth GA locations.

  6. To my surprise, my walmart actually had these. Grabbed 4.

  7. So bummed. My local (WI) Wal-Marts all have plenty of the 500GBs which are still $50, but none of the 480s.

  8. Great deal! I would have blurred out some of the info on that receipt personally. Now I’m gonna leave a Walmart review with your survey code saying they did awful. Maruuuhahahha

  9. damn… if only I was the next guy, $60 for almost 2 TB of SSD storage is not bad. it would make a nice RAID5 array

  10. Oh I was about to say ; but I get 6tb hdd for 100$..
    Didn’t read u got a ssd there. Nice!

  11. Thank you for being nice and only taking some. The guy in my area took 15+ according to the sales person that helped them. And that was the 2nd store in the area that said that.

  12. Only showing as available from a 3rd party seller on Walmart web site for $59, doesn’t show available from Walmart directly at all now, so it will either be in store or not… Side note: They are $40 on Amazon, which is actually still a decent deal for them, obviously PNY had waaay too many made up and/or had some large corporate orders fall through for Walmart to sell them this cheap (Edit: OK, they are an older model that prob just needed cleared out)… Nice find OP!

  13. I literally stopped by 6 Walmart yesterday. Ate up most of my friggin day and I didn’t find one. Virginia Beach/ Norfolk area.

  14. I live in Carlisle and the majority of my specialists are Wellspan- York, so I go there often. I have seizures, so I don’t drive


    Our Walmart doesn’t have this deal and this is killing me that the deal is so close, yet just out of reach

  15. I went to one Wal mart and they didn’t have them so I gave up because I forgot how much I can’t stand going to walmart

  16. What section of the store were they in? The one near me said they had 10 in stock, I go and they are no where to be found by digital media, the employee said they were F11 which mean school supplies and they weren’t there either.

  17. ‘ **got 4 and left the rest for the next guy** ‘

    That’s some seldom niceness that we need more of. Thank you!

  18. My store has them but labeled at $39… Almost worth it, if I could shuck them I would have grabbed one.

  19. Think one of these would work ok as a PS4 expansion?

  20. Ugh…I just don’t want to go to Wal-Mart…

    Like I’m not hating on Wal-Mart like an angst ridden teen “raging against the machine”

    I just hate going to Wal-Mart.

  21. My area keeps being sold out and I live in a large town with 5 walmarts….

  22. Is there anywhere to get these sorts of deals in the UK?

  23. I went to my local store. They were remodeling the electronics section so no products were out. I asked an associate and she went in back and said they had three. Brickseek says they have 6+. I bought the three that she had. I may go back later to see if a different worker can find more. I don’t want to buy a truck load or anything but I want a few for personal use and a few for use at work.

  24. I wish I could get such deals in Austria 🙁
    These are selling for 55-80€ here

  25. Lucky dude. Since all of the good stores in my town are destroyed because of hurricane laura I couldnt get my hands on any good hard drives with lots of storage

  26. 69 for 2tb of ssd. Nice. But what are ya gonna do with such small storage spread out like that? Spreading ur data is a pain to manage.

  27. I suspected this is a store only deal, no online ordering ?

  28. I scored some also. The key is to check brickseek for locations that have stock. Since they are clearenced they could be anywhere. I went to 3 Walmart’s. One location had them right on the electronics counter with the marked down price. One location had them in one of those temporary seasonable cardboard displays that they put in the center of the isles in front of electronics section. Another location had them on the shelf but not anywhere near the other external hard drives. They could also be on the “clearence isle” I’d your location has one. The employees mostly can’t find them when you ask.

  29. Tried to buy one. Guy came in the day prior and bought all 11 they had.

  30. These were on a narrow encap with a peg lock on it near the computer area. They weren’t in a cage or where they would normally have been. Keep an eye out and be vigilant! They weren’t even showing in inventory for my store on the Walmart website.