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Looking for tips how to set up a bunch of different sized drives (btrfs? zfs? mdadm? something else?)

Hi r/DataHoarder

I got a Linux server with all of the media currently stored on a single 3TB drive. I’m running out of storage. I have another 2TB drive I can use, I also want to get another 3/4TB drive eventually, but I’m not sure which FS should I use on the array. Here’s what I need

– One large pool comprised of 3-4 drives of different sizes

– The pool has to be easily extended with new drives without reformatting

– I need as much storage as I can get (which means no or little data redundancy)

– I’m okay with losing some data when one of my drives dies (I have backups), but I want the rest of the pool to be readable/recoverable

– Ideally replacing a dead drive should be as easy as removing it from the pool, adding a new one in and copying over missing data from the backup

– Extra features like snapshots, in-place compression or deduplication are welcome but not crucial

– Performance is not crucial

Almost all resources I found online point towards ZFS, but it looks like it’s a pain to extend, it doesn’t like drives of different sizes and seems to need unholy amounts of RAM (I only have 8GB in my server).

I did some testing inside a VM and so far it looks like btrfs would fit my use case the best, but I’d like to hear your thoughts before I go reformatting all of my drives.

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4 Yorumları

  1. I just tried out mergerfs in a VM and so far it’s exactly what I needed. It’s kind of concerning its in the edge testing repo of my server distro of choice (Alpine) but it should be fine since it doesn’t touch the actual filesystems on each drive.

    Thank you to /u/zed423i and /u/WikiBox for the recommendation.

  2. I second mergerfs. Combine with snapraid for non-realtime redundancy.

    I have a setup with five drives in a 5 bay external USB enclosure, connected to a SFF PC. Works fine. Also another with a 4 bay enclosure connected to a RPI4 running Openmediavault NAS software and Emby in docker. Also works fine.

    Great for one, two or possibly three simultaneous users, but not for more than that.

  3. Have a look at mergerfs, perfect for your needs, it really ticks everything in your list.

  4. Have a look at Unraid. It can use the full size of mismatched drives. You can add drives at a later date. If there are more drive failures than redundancy disks, only the data on the failed drives is lost.