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41 Yorumları

  1. Can we get gdrive or any thing to get this collection?

  2. Shit I thought like 300 DVDs/blurays using two drives over 3 weeks was an accomplishment. Guess I’ll save my post for later when everyone has forgotten about yours

  3. Look into Beets for your library management/tagging. You can make it auto tag and label however you desire instantly. I’m a big fan of MP3Tag and use it in some circumstances, but Beets is soooo handy once you have it running.

  4. Would you ship a copy to the Internet Archive if I sent you a drive and postage? They will ingest the data and keep it in cold storage until copyright expires or copyright law is updated to be more sane.

  5. This has actually been my quarantine project, but I did a few things differently. I used EAC to rip the CD’s, but I did it in secure mode. It takes roughly 1 hour per CD to do. The result is 1:1 bit-perfect FLAC files. If the CRCs didn’t match on any of the songs (all songs ripped accurately), I put the CD aside to get buffed or resurfaced when my local used music store reopens. If the CD was beyond repair I found a duplicate on Discogs to replace it with. I used Album Art Downloader to obtain all of the album art rather than scan everything. I ensured that each and every single album art cover was 1000×1000 pixels. I ensured that all of the tags were correct (band name, track, song name, genre, year, etc.) Afterwards, I moved everything to JewelSleeves and tossed the jewel cases. Those reduced the size and weight of my collect by about 3/4ths of what it was. I left digipacks and other non-jewel case CD’s alone. Everything got copied to my NAS for backup, as well as my FiiO M11 for playback. I’m glad I did this project. I got all of my music in one place and archived my CD’s. I did roughly 500 CD’s in 6 weeks.

  6. How many CDs were that? Curious about doing the same and want to estimate how much storage is needed for my CD collection.

  7. I am looking to do the same thing with my grandmother’s CD collection. If you could provide a write up of your workflow, I would be deeploy grateful, especially with settings used and your workflow for album art.

  8. Are you setting your old man up with a system to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

  9. It sounds sataesfying to have all of those discs on digital storage

  10. Did you have to clean up each album cover pic by hand?

    Wasn’t Dbpoweramp cd ripper able to pull most of the album art online already?

  11. Honestly, I’m interested. I’ll rip my own archive plus my father’s. Any idea will help greatly.

  12. What did you do after lunch?

    But seriously, that’s cool. And yeah, I’d be interested to hear more about your workflow!

  13. I posted recently my [ARM v2 guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/g7xy3f/building_a_linux_based_headless_automated_ripping/) where is currently ripping 2 CDs simultaneously using a dedicated mini-machine.

    Maybe those who don’t want to have 9 drives simultaneously might like it.
    So far I’ve done

    292 albums (bearing in mind mutliple-cds are counted as 1 album)
    5,816 songs
    91.59 GB
    372 hours

  14. I would love this. Have a seedbox I can keep it on for a while too

  15. I want to know more about your workflow, but I’m more interested in a magnet link

  16. Nice. I can’t imagine the sound of all of those CD drives going!

  17. >Anyone interested in my workflow?

    Absolutely. My father died many years ago, and his workshop is full of hundreds (thousands?) of record albums that I’m reluctant to let go of. Some are quite valuable, most are not. Many, I’m sure, are available already in digital format, but there’ll be a *lot* that aren’t.

    I’d like to donate all the albums that aren’t of any monetary value and are already available in digital form. I’ll make a note of them just so I can build a digital version of his collection for posterity.

    But the ones that *aren’t*, I’d eventually like to digitize them and photograph the covers. He had (I guess it’s mine now) a record player that would record to SD card. That’s probably a good start, but it was limited by the technology available at the time. It didn’t split the album into individual songs, and recorded at a lower bitrate MP3.

  18. Did you have any automation process for orienting your photos before cropping? I’m actually doing a somewhat similar task and it’s super, super tedious.

  19. Why camera for the album art? And did you multiple drives to rip the music?

  20. I need to rip many CDs too. Which software did you use?

  21. i just like that room, that would be my office for sure

  22. More interested in the data than the work flow ;P

  23. All properly tagged and organized i hope :D.

    None of that “01.Some.Song.Title-Artist.Name-2020.OMGOMG.mp3” rubbish.

  24. I am curious as to why a DSLR instead of a scanner for artwork. The lighting has to be much more unpredictable than in a flatbed.

  25. That’s what 800 – 900 discs? I’d love to know how long it took and what you are ripping them with (software).

  26. Sure I’ll bite. If only because you’re a person with 9b optical drives.