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Large capacity media NAS, advice needed

Im looking to set up a NAS by the end of the year and while i know this a complicated question, im wondering whats considered the best solution for my needs, and im looking to buy what i need this week while the sales are going on, and now im getting nervous that maybe my plan is a terrible one.

**Most of my storage capacity will be dedicated to media, very little of it will be regular read/write data.** I will have some smaller SSDs in there for VM images etc, but its the battle between large storage and the risk of losing it in 1 swoop, thats pushing me to look at my options.

I’ve just ordered an 18TB WD Element (wanted 3, but they’ve changed it to 1/customer), and annoyingly im stuck with credit to buy 2 more, they just wont sell em. So i dunno what to do next, and maybe they’ve done me a favour if i was about to make a big mistake.

Is SHR with 18+16+16tb a responsible solution, or it it a terrible one if its just Raid5 2.0?

Am i perhaps better off adding a single 16TB, no messing with raid, and do say weekly backups to the 18TB, is that considered a better solution than Raid1 (fewer writes to that drive)?

I couldnt think of what to search for to find an answer for myself, cos ‘large capacity data storage & backup’ is far to generic and broad. I hate asking, but i keep thinking i have things set and then reading things that make me realise its wrong, and i need some guidance before the sales end.


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2 Yorumları

  1. Do you need availability or disaster recovery for your data? RAID/SHR is for availability (and maybe performance), not disaster recovery. Backups are for disaster recovery.

    If this is a standard home use, you likely don’t need availability (unless you have small kids), but you likely need backups. And if so, the plan with weekly backups might be better for you. Keep your Elements drive in the original enclosure and connect to your storage solution only for backups.

  2. A common solution for large media storages is mergerfs and snapraid.

    It allows you to combine/pool drives and recover is one of them break.

    It is a bit similar to RAID, in that you have parity drives. But the parity drives are not updated in real-time and files are not striped. And you can freely add new drives in different sizes, as long as the parity drive is as large as the largest drive in the pool.

    Snapraid is not backup, just as RAID is not backup. But since the parity drive(s) are not automatically updated instantly, it is a little bit closer to backup than RAID is.