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Just got my first call from my ISP about my usage…

Apparently I transferred 10+TB from my ISP.

But I pay extra for unlimited usage, so they really don’t have much room to complain.

Of course, there was an allusion to this all being illegal content, while the truth is that I largely hoard data that is free to distribute – live concert recordings, open source software trees, software patches for enterprise software for work…

How have you dealt with your ISP’s annoyance that you’re actually using what you pay them for?

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  1. Once again glad to be living in Europe.

    This month I’ve :

    – Seeded remote backups of all our machines (1-2TB)
    – Downloaded a 2TB photo library from iCloud.
    – Uploaded a 2TB photo library to OneDrive.
    – synchronized the same 2TB photo library back from OneDrive to my NAS (could be done locally, but hey, unlimited data, and no sync issues)
    – Seeded remote backup of same 2TB photo library
    – Downloaded and uploaded about 500GB worth of patches for work (through company vpn)
    – Uploaded the same patches to 20+ servers (through company vpn)
    – Downloaded patches for a ton of games because I apparently don’t have time to play regularly.

    Add to that the usual “chatter” of teams video conferences, for me and the kids, streaming 4K Netflix, YouTube, etc.

    Not a peep from my ISP, ever! And this is a $50/month 500/500 plan.

  2. I only got a call once. Said it was Some kinky porn collection. Didn’t get bugged again.I think the Women on the phone was extremely embarrassed especially when i said she interrupted my alone time.Wish i recorded the call

  3. Years ago I called my ISP to activate a new modem I had gotten, but in doing so they somehow forgot to deactivate the old one but still ended up removing its association with my account (I called them to confirm the modem they had on file a couple of times to make sure i wasn’t crazy myself) .


    But for my final 3 years of high school I had this magic second line that seemingly had no data cap and also seemed to be working ?


    And then one day it stopped working and I’ve been real sad ever since 🙁

  4. “My family watches a lot of HQ streaming video.”

  5. I have used that much just rebuilding my steam library after a hardware swap.

  6. “My kid got a new gaming PC and is downloading all his games from Steam”

  7. The worst thing is when they throttle your connection once you surpass a certain data limit (without telling you).

    You still have Internet, it’s just annoyingly slow during certain times of the day.

  8. Pretty ridiculous they even said anything.

    10TB is a lot compared to the average user, but it really isn’t that much data.

  9. I also have an unlimited usage plan, but my ISP is always suspicious of me having a corporate activity at my home (which I don’t, I just like to self-host my stuff). If you have a private plan (not a business one), don’t let them try and prove you use their network for profit. Given your situation I think that’s where they would get you (software patches for enterprise software?)

  10. What’s the worst could happen? Do they cut your service?

  11. For the past few monts I’ve been closing in the months at 95%+ usage of 1.25TB. It’s sad there’s not even unlimited option. Pay $30 more for 500gb…that’s it. Have to be real careful with usage past 6 months.

  12. When I expanded my bandwidth and data cap, I told them I had 3 people working from home now. They can’t do shit about it that way

  13. When I was a kid, we had dial up service and our ISP was the telephone company. One day my internet stopped connecting so I called a friend who had the same ISP/telephone company and asked him if he had other dial up numbers. He gave me different number, same area code, same company–only company really because they had a phone/internet monopoly. So everything worked perfectly with my account number and password. Once configured, I kept using that number.

    About a month later we get a telephone bill of more than $1500. That was a substantial amount of money back in the pre Y2K days. The telephone company was charging all those dial up connections as long distance phone calls at whatever the per-minute rate was back then (in addition to the standard charge for dial-up internet).

    My dad got mad at me and cancelled our internet for a while.

  14. back in my IT tech days we got in a 3tb drive with a pallet of random hardware. 3tb was the largest single drive readily available at the time.

    I wanted to test it, as its origins were unknown. at the time, the entire nintender pee collection was about 3tb.

    I started the download and was off the next few days. apparently a tech came out, the owner confirmed that the xfer was intentional and our network was not compromised. it was a business charter plan so nothing else was said.

  15. “Sir, you’re under arrest for suspected copyright infringement.”

    “What evidence do you have to support this claim?”

    “You downloaded 10TB in one month. There is no reason any single human needs to download 10TB unless they are engaging in piracy. You will be tried by a jury of your (completely non-technically-savvy) peers based strictly on this single fact and statements by your ISP.”

    This is unfortunately probably the world we’re headed for…

  16. Valued Customer,

    You may be surprised to learn that the internet is, in fact, a series of tubes. In order to fairly distribute electrons to all of our Valued Customer Family, it is critical that we ensure that there remains sufficient room in these pipes. We do this by artifically limiting the top speeds of all of our customers to make sure no one has to suffer speeds below a certain acceptable limit.

    What does this have to do with month caps on download volume in addition to speed you might ask? Well, to be honest nothing, that is of course unless we have drastically overpromised on those speeds in order to get people to use our service. You see, if even a small percentage of our customers use the amount of bandwidth they are ostensibly provided, it would become clear that the 300Mbit/s line we sold to you is actually only capable of 0.3Mbit/s unless almost no one is using it most of the time.

    Also, people using the internet inceases our peering costs, or something. If they manage to make it through the poorly maintained last mile of copper we own, we then have to spend HUNDREDS or perhsps even THOUSANDS of dollars to transport them the other 99% of their journey across the entire Earth.

    Please find attached a picture of an aardvark in a suit which you may consult in the event you believe you have a valid argument against any of this.

    We take our customers security and privacy very seriously.

    Ajit Pai

  17. ISP – What are you downloading ?

    User – Linux ISOs

  18. My ISP has never called me, but if they were to do something like that, i don’t think they’d have much to say.

    In any case:

    * I Telecommute to work
    * I backup my Cloud data to my Personal Computer
    * I backup my Computer to the Cloud
    * I pay for unlimited data at <Speed>


    * I’m using the service that i pay for.

    If they insinuate that there’s any wrong-doing going on, Then they can submit it to me in writing, with a mailing address for me to respond.

    You signed a contract, they entered into the service agreement. It’s all pretty clear cut.

  19. Reading all these comments…

    I am so glad my ISP literally doesn’t care what you do. They’ll even help you get setup for hosting servers “unofficially”. All residential customers are on a dynamic IP system (residents literally can’t get a real static IP) but you can ask to have your account flagged such that the timeframe that your IP changes is so long that your router would have to have offline for weeks to be an issue. I’ve been here 4 years and have had the same IP.

    They also don’t log anything and fund several net neutrality groups. I downloaded 25TB last month. They really just don’t care.

  20. I did 28TB last month. Granted it was because of an issue in my Radarr and rclone config that resulted in the same files being uploaded over and over on my google drive (hit the 750gb/day quota 4 times in the month). But my normal usage is around 10-13 TB a month.

    Never got a call from my isp

  21. What country are you guys from that has these sort of limits on how much you can download?

  22. “Yeah, I have nightly backups of eight household computers.”

  23. I have a GPON connection from Open Fiber, handled by Infostrada (italian companies). Few weeks ago, i downloaded a total of 1.09TB (i also did another time). I think the reason why they haven’t called yet is either because they don’t care or because they have enough bandwidth. Even tho with a GPON network, your bandwidth is shared across all your neighbours. The cabinet receives a 10gbps link that has to be shared to 256 homes with a full rack. At the moment, i don’t think the cabinet is connected to 256 apartments (yet) and during peak hours i haven’t noticed slow speeds (only one time but i think it was a problem on my side). Maybe when more people will be connected i will get that call lol. Seems so weird that you would get a call from your ISP asking you to use less data.

  24. Mine told me I must have a security misconfiguration for that much data to be transferred…

  25. Ive fully saturated my connection since I got it. Not a peep from my ISP.

  26. “my favourite pastime is to masturbate furiously to porn have you seen Ass Bandits 2021?”

    In other words none of your fucking business and I’ll become more and more vivid until they hang up.

  27. Thankfully CenturyLink doesn’t really give a shit what I do with my gig up/down fiber to the home, but I would certainly just use the suggestion of just listening to what they say and then asking them if that’s all the have to say and then hang up.

    To put it another way, if they wanted to make it official in some capacity, they’d send you a certified letter with an ultimatum where they’ll take you to court if you don’t comply. The phone call is a scare tactic, or if you’re not in the mood to listen to them just hang up.

    I’d go so far as to download a recording app and when they call you, notify them that you will be recording this call for your future records in case it needs to be referenced at a later date. If they don’t agree to being recorded, you tell them then I guess that’s the end of this call. If they agree, just do the same as before and never answer any questions. Just “uh huh” and “okay and?”.

  28. I’ve told them that i have 4 dudes all playing video games, streaming, backing up data to google with my 8-10tb a month usage. They simply said oh ok have a nice day!

  29. I would just be like, “look, I stream 4k Netflix on all 4 of my tvs, 24 hours a day. Got a problem with that?”

  30. my isp EOLO (the worst isp in italy), just cut the line to 5Mbps in the first month of use without telling me anything, I called for assistance and asked for an explanation and they told me they believed it was a virus.

    After a couple of months I learn that they do this with everyone because they don’t have enough bandwidth

  31. Do you have a favorite repository for live concerts?

  32. I go with the Ace Ventura approach: “That’s none of your damn business, and I’ll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.”

  33. Comcast was harassing me with threatening phone calls a few years back. They are writing legislation in MA that will make termination for overuse illegal. Hopefully it passes and catches on in other states.

  34. >Of course, there was an allusion to this all being illegal content, while the truth is that I largely hoard data that is free to distribute – live concert recordings, open source software trees, software patches for enterprise software for work…

    You can speak the truth to us, we’re not going to rat you out.

  35. If my isp called me about how much data I use. They will get it hard from me.

  36. hoard your data now and have it all saved so when they set caps and raise prices for “unlimited” you will have everything downloaded already.

  37. “any conversations concerning proposed bandwidth restrictions of your described “unlimited” internet service, which i have contractual subscription to, shall be executed in writing for legal documentation, thank you. you have my mailing address”

    [hang up phone]

  38. Cox notified me that my upload was to high, I’m only allowed 50gb average across 7 days. Im floating between 50-250gb a day, so unless I drop it they will throttle my upload. I have the unlimited plan…

  39. Im from Argentina, our providers only care when we dont pay the expensive prices for subpar services.

  40. I’m waiting for a similar call from my ISP for restoring a ~35TB backup over the last few weeks. It’s completely legitimate usage, but it’s also sure to stand out on any usage graphs.

  41. Well generally, that high a usage is going to run up a flag of them being concerned about legality.

    They also want to make sure you are aware of it and it’s not someone who has gained access to your connection and is using it for whatever purpose they want, because you would be the one liable if someone had done that and what they were using it for was illegal.

    Look on the bright side, they only alluded to it potentially being illegal, they haven’t actually poked their nose in to see what the actual content is.

  42. I think it is okay if they give you a call just to ask you if you are aware that your usage is this high. Can also be something malicious or the like. Did they demand you to lower your consumption or something similar?

  43. Less is more is the proper approach. “I am aware of my internet usage. It is not a mistake or misconfiguration. I work from home.” Don’t need to say anything really but this is what I say