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25 Yorumları

  1. Is it compulsory to download Free Manga Downloader in order to use Manga Tagger??

  2. Could this be used to run on existing manga that’s already been downloaded? Or would I have to go and redownload everything again.

    also would this work for webtoons?

  3. Not the hero we asked for

    But the hero we needed.

    From the bottom of my heart

    I love you.

  4. Oh sweet, I was thinking of building something like this myself. Will definitely try this out.

  5. > Unfortunately, Manga Tagger is only available on and currently tailored to Windows at this time due to Free Manga Downloader being a Windows-only application.

    Why you gotta fuck with me on this?

  6. This is very cool, but unfortunately without Docker support there isn’t a good way for this to fit into my setup. Highly recommend prioritizing docker support and removing the windows dependency. 🙂

  7. Can this pull down the series cover art from the metadata sources? If it doesn’t it would be a great addition to make libraries pretty.

  8. Is it actively using any windows only calls or something like that?
    Otherwise it might work just fine on Linux.

    I never tried FMD2 on linux but FMD worked really well(i switched to a small script using manga-py since i prefere the cli approach).

  9. Is there something similar to this for the more….. Cultured type of manga?

  10. Looks like the perfect thing to use with Komga. I will try this with nyaa releases, btw any plans to support Light Novels?

  11. Thank you for this! It feels like manga hoarders are starved in terms of tools, sometimes, compared to other media. I haven’t been bothering with metadata for mine because of the effort involved, but having it automated with this will be amazing.

  12. Is FMD2 required for this to work? If so, what about all the stuff I’ve already downloaded and stored? Also, will you add support for fetching tags from certain websites of the… Linux ISO kind?

  13. Never knew I’d find Fellow weebs here. Thanks for your contribution bro

  14. I was literally just looking for something like this.

  15. Awesome, have been looking for this type of tool for a long time! What manga reader or manager can you combine with tags generated with this?