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Judge shocked to learn NYPD’s evidence database has no backup

Judge shocked to learn NYPD’s evidence database has no backup

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19 Yorumları

  1. >As part of an ongoing legal battle to get the New York City Police Department to track money police have grabbed in cash forfeitures

    Jesus Christ. Ongoing legal battle…to force the NYPD to track forfeitures.

  2. *Update

    Update, 3:15 PM ET 10/19/2017:

    >In a statement e-mailed to Ars, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis made it clear that PETS itself is backed up:

    > Contrary to some published reports suggesting that NYPD does not electronically back up the data in its Property and Evidence Tracking System (PETS), all such data is backed up continuously in multiple data centers.

    >That would be consistent with the architecture described by Capgemini. Davis did not expound on how this connected with the statements in court that no backups were kept of cash forfeiture data—other than that data residing in a separate system from PETS entirely. Ars has reached out for further clarification.

    So they do have backups.

  3. Next we will read that NYPDs evidence database will be hosted in the “cloud” by Google.

    Google, they know you’re guilty before the judge sees the evidence 😉

  4. Is this a first? The title is an understatement rather than an exaggeration.

    Not only is there no backup, they’ve claiming they can’t even access the original.

    The data is not “lost”, it’s just that attempting to read it “will lead to system crashes”. Hurr durr.

  5. > designed and installed by Capgemini under a $25.5 million contract between 2009 and 2012—were to fail, all data on stored evidence would simply cease to exist

    You paid more than $25 Million dollars and it’s doesn’t have a backup system? Wtf

  6. “But sir it’s in the cloud.”
    Points to a raid 0 Nas.

  7. Imagine its all on some Seagate HDDs from the late 90s/early 2000s LOL

  8. It will magically get deleted when someone high profile needs it to be.

  9. >City attorney Neil Giovanatti continued that line of argument. He claimed that the NYPD doesn’t have the technical capability to pull an audit report from its forfeiture database—because the system wasn’t designed to do that.

    Bull fucking shit. At the very least, if you can get the data out piece by piece, you can make a report. Also, if it’s in a database, you can report on it. That’s what a database is for.

  10. It’s ok, most of it was planted/fabricated anyway.

  11. As a NY resident I’m not at all surprised, plausible deniability for anything is the motto of government around here

  12. not surprised in the least that a police department doesn’t have a backup of a critical system, I am surprised they haven’t lost everything before now tho… I’d really expect we’d heard about a catastrophic failure and how some guy disappeared just as it was happening…maybe in a made for TV movie…

  13. It isn’t from lack of trying. While I don’t directly support them I have a team member that has been trying to convince the nypd that they need a more complete bu solution in place for a couple of years now. The IT dept leadership in the NY and NJ governments are comicly inadequate. I feel bad for the grunts in the data center bc it is the politics in the c level positions that are making calls that will get the little guys fired and they know it.

  14. “is in IBM” like it’s some kind of programming language?

    This article pissed new off with how casual civil servents have gotten. “nope can’t have a trial for your cash they we siezed, our database is in IBM and isn’t designed to be queried”

  15. That’s gotta be criminally negligent. If it isn’t, it should be.

  16. Being better prepared than the NYPD doesn’t really give me any sense of accomplishment.